The new Catrice: space lipstick Prisma Chrome in three unusual shades 030, 050 and 070

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Fashion prismatic and came duochrome I really like, so I, like Jay, couldn’t pass by new products from Catrice — purchased first one shade, then another two, and now sparkle with or without ????

Catrice Prisma Chrome


Very beautiful, silver, shiny box. I think in the store they immediately attract attention. The stick is a little less standard, with an impression of Catrice and a teardrop cut.

Weight: 3.5 g

Manufacturer: cosnova, Germany

Country of origin: Italy

Price: 399 rubles without discounts

Catrice Prisma Chrome


Now the range has 8 shades. I have 3 of them: 70, 50 and 30.

  • 050 Mystical Mermaid I bought the first one, and it is just fantastic!

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 050 Mystical Mermaid

Translucent brown base with a scattering of green-blue spangle.

In a single layer without the pencil looks like a light sheen, for a more intense color and Shine you need layering. And can also be used as a topper over a dark base.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 050 Mystical Mermaid

I usually wear with a pencil — without it, the lipstick can look messy.

There is a disadvantage -when you use solo (no dark base) a few hours later starts to climb in the region of the mucous membrane, and looks messy. But this is easily remedied by applying an extra layer of lipstick.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 050 Mystical Mermaid

This shade I often complement similar duochrome from the palette Imagic shadows or Sleek as pictured:

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 050 Mystical Mermaid

I like that 50 Mystical Mermaid you can create a delicate day look and charm, shining evening or festive makeup.

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What’s the other? I was expecting about the same, only in a different scale… But, no ????

  • 070 Plum Cosmic plum with a silvery sheen.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 070 Cosmic Plum

On swatches visible shining particles, but in the case of the drain is not particularly space… usually so draining.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 070 Cosmic Plum

The shade is beautiful, but nothing fantastic in it anymore. On the lips looks like a regular creamy lipstick with a slight glow. But I must say that he is the most docile out of my small collection Prisma Chrome — it has good pigmentation, easy to apply and layered to desired intensity, quite persistent (will survive a tea party). Comes down quite gently and evenly, without spots.

  • 030 Meet Violeta. Purple with silver metallic finish.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 030 Meet Violeta

Due to the intense silver glow looks very bright, even pale. On the lips it’s a real greetings from the 90s or 2000s. Know that there are fans of these lipsticks, but I are not going, unfortunately.

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 030 Meet Violeta

In artificial light it is possible to distinguish individual radiant particles. Maybe this lipstick will fit the image of the snow Maiden or the Snow Queen in the New year?

Catrice Prisma Chrome. 030 Meet Violeta

For me, this shade is a disappointment- it spreads, it looks sloppy. I use it with purple eye pencil from the essence, but even so the view leaves much to be desired.

Make-up remover

The shades 030 and 070 can be easily removed as with a tissue and a micellar water.

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050 Mystical Mermaid leaves behind sparkles on the skin to erase everything, you need to put a little more effort.

My impressions

  • I was most disappointed that the texture and finish is so different in one line! Impressed 050 shade I bought 030 and 070, and was pretty disappointed, because they are totally different. Call prismatica in the line can only 050 tint, others have a different finish.
  • Lipstick does not dry the lips but the stickiness of them. The texture is comfortable.
  • Durability is average. 050 Mystical Mermaid despite their original beauty, after some time rolled and loses its form, but it’s easy to fix a new layer.
  • Ease of application is also very dependent on the shade — there are more and less obedient options.
  • The cost of the budget.

My rating: 5 the shades 050 and 070. The shade 030 — a maximum of 4 for the naughty stuff, subjectively evaluate even lower because of the tint.

All Catrice lipsticks Prisma Chrome recommend pre-povucite in the store and not buy in the blind. They are all interesting and beautiful in their own way, but totally different and therefore may not live up to expectations.

Thank you for your attention!

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