The new Cream concealer Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer Radiant Fall 2019

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From Estee Lauder comes a new concealer Cream Double Wear Concealer Radiant with a radiant finish. The product has medium coverage, good coverage of dark circles under the eyes and redness and other skin flaws. Concealer is resistant up to 12 hours, resistant to moisture and sweat does not clog the lines. In addition, the new concealers and even for skin care. This model vitamin-rich Kukui oil camelina and hydrate the skin, the seed oil of blueberries, which gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance, and extract Chia rich in omega-3 helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles caused by dryness. The line will be out of the shade 22.

In the new line of concealers Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Concealer Radiant Fall 2019 will be released 22 shades:

  • 0.5 N Ultra Light — very bright with a neutral midtone;
  • 1N Light — light with neutral undertone;
  • 1C Light — light with cool pink undertone;
  • 1W Light — light with warm yellow undertone;
  • 2N Light Medium — light medium with neutral undertone;
  • 2C Light Medium — light medium with cool pink undertone;
  • 2W Light Medium — light medium with warm Golden undertone;
  • 3N Medium — Medium with a neutral undertone;
  • 3C Medium — Medium with cool pink undertone;
  • 3W Medium — Medium with warm Golden undertone;
  • 4N Medium Deep — medium to dark with neutral undertone;
  • 4C-Medium-Deep — medium-dark cool with pink undertone;
  • 4W-Medium-Deep — medium-dark with warm, Golden undertone;
  • 5N Deep — dark with neutral undertone;
  • 5C Deep dark cold pink undertone;
  • 5W Deep — dark with warm, Golden undertone;
  • 6N Extra Deep — extra-dark with neutral undertone;
  • 6C Extra Deep — extra-dark with a cool pink undertone;
  • 6W Extra Deep — extra-dark with warm, Golden undertone;
  • 7N Ultra Deep — ultra-dark with neutral undertone;
  • 7C Ultra Deep — ultra-dark red with cool undertone;
  • 8N Very Deep — very dark with neutral undertone.
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New concealer Estee Lauder Double Wear Cream Concealer Radiant Fall 2019 already went on sale in the United States, the estimated price of $29. Waiting in Russia.

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