The new mascara Revolution Le Volume De Chanel 10 Noir

What is a good mascara? To this question the answer is as difficult as for the perennial question “what is love”. To the carcass, we imposed a set of requirements which can hardly be present to the reference lover)). It often happens that the requirements to the quality of our carcasses are absolutely antagonistic — for example, we expect the carcasses from stunning unconditional persistence, but also expect perfect easy make-up remover. Or do you want drama with perfect separation. And, you know, have the right to demand the best. So my personal search for the best product in this category never cease. Therefore, a review of the latest brand Chanel mascara Le Volume with intonation brush.

For many years I was convinced that mascara is one of the most individual products in terms of selection. Too many factors affect the result: the length, thickness, bending your own eyelashes, sebaceous glands, tearing, wearing or decorative optical lenses, glasses, the configuration of the century, and many others.

My personal rating is headed by mascara Le Volume the Chanel brand, which is far from perfect, but in terms of the totality of positive qualities — happy. This season I bought the absolute novelty of the brand: revolution Le Volume de Chanel.

A little bit of information from the manufacturer:

the main slogans of the brand, prepared to advance this product contains the following items: extreme volume, immediate effect, long-lasting durability.

they say that the formula has not changed, however the changes affect the brush. This is the first in the world patented brush, printed on a 3D printer. What is her thing — thanks to the alveolar structure, created using 3D printing, the brush is filled with the optimal amount of product. In one application, it completely gives the whole texture on the lashes evenly and without clumps, instantly giving them extreme volume and intense, long-lasting black color. Released so far only in one shade — black.

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I stood in the beauty boutique Chanel, solemnly listening to the text from the clever consultant, and swelling of importance. It’s not every day you propose to test such an innovative and advanced tool)) I feel old Sir Baskerville, the host with the aristocratic importance of a report no less pompous Butler. That is apparently the world Chanel))

I went home with this wonderful mascara. Why decided to change the usual Le Volume? promised unchanging formula price differed not significantly. The idea of playing brushes on a 3D printer slightly alarmed, but encouraged me to experiment. I’m not a big specialist in this question, however, summarizing the received information, made three conclusions:

  • 3D printer prints a complex unique shapes that are inaccessible to other types of such devices;
  • 3D printing is nothing more than another way of production, but due to the novelty and other factors is very costly.

As with all this, keep the formula to add luxury to the design of the bottle, providing the ink is expensive (including the world’s first patent) with a brush and virtually to save cost for consumers?

It’s the lyrics. And now the result.

The design differs from the standard: still the same plastic tube-cylinder with white logo. However, it is not glossy like the previous version, and with notches simulating obtrude threads. The bottle is much easier, since the corrugated surface allows you to easily open the product, not allowing the fingers to slide and smudge prints.

Cap closed until you hear a click, the neck perfectly clean.

It looks like the notches on the case:

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In fact, the culprit of the unrest — the brush is manufactured so strange to the carcass method)) Normal silicone cylindrical, of medium thickness, the bristles are located a spiral.

Decided to take a closer look and washed it — kind of like this. Very well seen strange porous structure of the fibers

color 01 Noir black, slightly different from the usual Le Volume. The luminaries can be seen that the stiffer brush leaves striations on the surface of the paint.

comparison of color and brushes

Le Volume on the left, new on right

And brushes in comparison:

Le Volume classic

Le Volume Revolution

And now use.

My requirements for a mascara:

  • I wear contact lenses so mascara should not flake or cause irritation of the eyes
  • I love bright, noticeable lashes. Small gluing accept calmly, more importantly, to the way they looked harmoniously.
  • ink needs to grab quickly and not leave patches on the eyelid — I have it hanging)
  • expect from such a product durability in a wet climate
  • make-up remover I care less. Ready to Tinker with the removal of the carcass.

Here is the ink drawing:

eyes without makeup with light plaintive cilia

Further — in comparison:

bare lashes — inflicted one — touch- rich application (3-4 times spent brush on lashes

As a result, the ink is not impressed. It is more messy paints, gluing of eyelashes. A classic version of eyelashes does not stick to these spider legs like in the last photo. Only suitable for application in a single layer (but for this it needs a little paint, after the third or fourth time it falls better). The formula is slightly better. Let me explain why.Two outs classic Le Volume for me was the ability to slightly, slightly sliding on the lower eyelid, if it was slightly more oily than usual (forgot to fix the concealer with powder), it was usually after 10 o’clock socks, that is, in the evening. And second, even carefully wash it in the evening with the help of special tools, and the next morning we received a generous coat of mascara under the eyes. Personally I don’t consider it a huge disadvantage and are accustomed to, but the norm is not absolute.

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As for the new ink is not printed on the upper eyelid, stable in rainy weather and in the tropics. Inert the eyes while wearing contact lenses, do not fall off. Visual effect you can evaluate yourself. In the make-up remover — easy brand regardless of the means, the next morning the remaining dirt is not noticed. However, after 10 hours, you mascara a little veil stain the lower eyelid, although the lower lashes I don’t wear ever. And that’s bad.

As for the features of the brush, which was the innovation — I difference (in addition to the enhanced barbs and stiffness) not noticed… I’m Sure that at the end of the bottle is like new not buy.

my rating: 3

price 2 750 rubles

used the product for about 15 days

Thank you

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