The oldest samples of Chanel and Dior. That was 15 years ago and now?

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After a few nostalgic posts from the old but still working products of famous brands, I rummaged through my drawers and found so retro that are not afraid to say that these palettes — the oldestever to be shown in. (correct if wrong). They are neither more nor less, and 15 years. Can you imagine?

Warning: the faint of heart please do not look the part refollow completely empty, the appearance of heavily worn. Only for fans to see the “Oldies” and compare / discuss the modern analogues!

Who cares how they looked, the representatives of Lux 15 years ago and what are (if any) analogues now ask a cat.

Somehow, miraculously, these representatives I still have about 2004 (it is possible to spread the period of 2003-2006), has survived several moves, a lot of travel in holiday and business trips, climate change, falling from height and other unpleasant situations…

*** Let’s start with the two-level representative of the fashion house Chanel ***

It was a compact travel version, brought from duty-free. From the remnants of stickers on the back side to extract information is very small: irréelle ombre (unrealistic shadows), multi-effects eyeshadow (lots of effects), produced in France, weight — 39 grams (!!!). Faded sticker with the number “1” suggests that perhaps there were other sets with different colors.

On the first floor there are two decent amount of block with powder and cream tone (kind of like today’s panoramer).

Please note that between the mirror (good quality mirror) and products not just a film insert for a high-quality transparent lid that opens type books. Cover with mirror holds at any angle.

I must say that the set was out “in the blind”, was sealed in box and no tester was not. I guess I was guided by the logic that “1” is set for the lightest skin type. But from the beginning part of the creamy tone of the busy tone which suited me only in the period after the active sun and powdery the opposite — very light, vypilivaya. That is another product with a pink undertone.

15 years ago my young skin did not need a tone (happy times), and these pieces were used primarily only in cases of emergency. Cream tone is very dense (definitely full coverage), well masked and blocked off all unnecessary, and the powder is closer to a modern understanding to the finish — fixed wyswietlana required areas, well frosted, but with a tendency to wybielanie.

I still don’t understand the logic to combine such different colors in one set, maybe the tone could be subtly stretch the skin wet, but 15 years ago there wasn’t Cosmeticly, there was beauty blender and about this method of application I do not even heard of.

Left creamy tone, right compact powder.

In all that time storage cream tone became harder and seemed to dry on top, but underneath, it continues to maintain its original consistency. Powder not changed its characteristics. But I’m not likely to put last 10 years for sure.

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Proceed to the second tier. His more deplorable. It had 4 sectors with timername shadows and place a perforation for the brand of sponge (lost).

The adherents of trendy Project Pan should be happy at the sight of these results, because the product is almost gone! But personally, I am very sad, because I remember that compartment closest to the reader, with a pure clean used was my beloved. I managed brush to scrape the bottom of the barrel leftovers for swatches on hand.

Shade marked me as the first, close to my heart, and since then I been looking everywhere for you. All the shadows with great pigmentation, rich and creamy tints, give color and radiance with a single touch, without any shimmering particles. The camera “eats” part of the color, but more sparkle in everyday wear they are full of color (as in refile), and rather iridescent glow depending on the lighting and angle of view.

And yet the quality without a single drawback, not showered and not pushed on my looming century, prone to fat. Still they are excellent and are easily transferred to Swatch!


I was very interested to find some modern counterparts in this format from Chanel. In the usual chain stores definitely not — they are usually are the classic samples from the permanent collections and seasonal of limidi. Travel kits are often “settle” in duty-free airports.

That offers us a Chanel official website:

Official name: Travel makeup palette Makeup Essentials with Travel Mascara in Harmonie de Camélias. In my free translation it sounds as Cosmetic first need to create a make-up during travel with a mini version of mascara Harmony of Camellias.

Price: on of.the website $95 (in Russia about 10 000)

With this set you can really do a full makeup face, eyes and lips. In the palette are: face powder shade natural tan (shade 20), a radiant blush, 6 refollow with eye shadow (3 warm, 3 cold), 4 refil with lip (2-coral, 2 pink) + 4 applicators, and mascara separately.

My “old” losing such a versatile set for a variety of content, but pay attention to the weight. The “old lady” of the total 39 g, contemporaries only 14 grams! In the background is the old model the new kit looks miniature.

In terms of design is also a significant change. Now plastic is thinner, lighter, no plastic covers, high — transparent protective liner.

During this time, and the approach to the set of shadows has changed in the old version collected 4 radiant creamy shade, which in the modern approach to eye makeup, can be used except that only as an accent or highlight under the eyebrow and in the corner of your eye. Or in some cases, monomania, but for me too many lights, it will look unfinished and not self-sufficient. In the modern version of a very balanced set of shades from light to dark, from warm to cold. Such a diversity of lights anymore.

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*** The second palette is also from Chanel ***

Information about it was even less, only half torn off sticker with the product and a big number “4”. If you follow the same principle with the numbering, as with the above-described tip, this is designed for very dark skin or even for the indigenous peoples of Africa. I refuse to comment on why she turned to me, a typical representative of the white man.

Look inside:

Large and naiudobneyshim the mirror that holds any angle of inclination, 6 boxes eye shadow and one big sector with… a highlighter? shining powder? bronzerat? I still have not decided on the appointment of the sector.

Sorry never seen the instructions weight, because a set of heavy product in it a lot, even VERY much. Heavy mirror, thick thick plastic — made very soundly and qualitatively!

It still preserved the native brush and 2 applicator sponge.

Appearance was badly damaged after the transportation in a suitcase with cans and bottles of wine, a heavy fall, in which all the contents of the glass was broken, and all surrounding objects were covered with winehoneysomething else. After this incident, this palette has been removed from use, but look at how high-quality plastic and glass packaging remains completely intact, although a piece of highlighter (if he is) came off.

As 2 refil of shadows completely empty (one of them was my most-favorite), it will show shades of only the remaining 4.

Said heart THE same shade I’m looking for and can’t find it. From memory it was a pale creamy lavender, cool shade, with overflow in lilac and silver, applied on mobile eyelid, he forced the whole face transform, his eyes become more open and expressive, “stretched” shades of green eyes.

The shadow on the characteristics and quality similar to that previously described pallet, which is not surprising, because they’re about the same release period. Beautifully pigmented, easily transferred to eyelid and become flustered, shimmer is absolutely no flaking, and most importantly, has managed to avoid my looming century. Keep in mind that in those days I about existence of bases for the shadows knew nothing, and youthful skin was much more prone to fat than now. These shadows have survived the tests of weathernightlifepartyround-the-clock work-study worthy!

And now the most mysterious and largest sector — it has 4 separate colour.

The top line is all 4 shades are mixed and applied to the native brush from the set.

In General, interesting and mysterious product. For a darkie, probably will come up as a bronzer (sculptor?), for representatives of dark skin color (Oh, the tolerance) and as a highlighter. Remember trying to use this sector as shadows, but something went wrong, they like a slightly different texture, more dense pressing, not so creamy smooth as a shadow.

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The present:

On the official site I have not found analogues, the near future, what can be compared is large palettes with 6 or 9 shadows kit. They also have the words “multi-effects”, and my very first “old lady”, but there is no such outrageous colors and extra Shine. Although the description sets consist of bright shining colors with different textures and effects creamy and powdery, matte and metallic, but even at the photo store and the official spotchem — they are not even close with hints of 15 years ago.

Price: on $70 (on Russian sites about 4 500 — 6 000 RUB)

But militerni unclear, the official website did not see in the conventional sense dry highlighter. Current products are designed to create a healthy natural skin glow from the inside (no space!). Trends on makeup has changed since then, and it dictates the content of new sets.

Packaging — modern sets are much lighter, more compact and more ergonomic. My “old” mighty heavy decoration of the dressing table (size is almost 10 cm by 10 cm and current weight of the package with the product — 135 gr), modern samples can easily be placed in a clutch or any purse.

*** And the last “old” Dior ***

This representative of the absolutely erased all the inscriptions and for me, he moved from mom’s cosmetics.

It is interesting that the palette of plus or minus refers to the same years that Sanlevski representatives, but then a completely different approach to the structure of shadows. In the package they are completely opaque, Swatch still give some satin glow (except the black). I’d say that shades are not unique (as the standard set for smoky eyes plus suddenly wormed herbaceous khaki), for centuries, lay watercolor, translucent. At my age quickly mixed into the mud and rolled down into the crease (about a base for the shadow I didn’t know then), but the khaki color I liked, and graphite-black is often replaced with a black pencil.

The present:

Dior continues to produce its iconic “five” shadows, slightly changing their design. Price modern five 3 000 — 4 000 RUB I honestly looked through all the current color combinations, but the analogue is not found.

That’s close, but completely different “five” 308 Khaki from the official website of the brand

but “five” for Smokey 008 Smoky design

Thank you to everyone who read and saw the end. Finally, another photo from the pyramids of old.

Dear girls, you also have vintage copies, preserved in the bins of purses? Share of your faithful “old women”? Or do you ruthlessly and promptly get rid of them?

Downloadable survey….

Thank you for your attention!


View poll results: What to do with the rarities? 27% Throw away without regret! 20 15% Throw with tears in his eyes 11 58% Left, let them continue to lie 42

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