The oncologists told us how to tan as safely as possible

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Direct sunlight dangerous for the body, therefore, is to protect and not to neglect safety precautions.

Melanoma is an insidious disease faced by today more and more people. Oncologists believe that one of the main reasons for the development of this disease is the exposure of the skin to ultraviolet sunlight. Thanks to this spectrum, the body produces vitamin D. But useful diffused sunlight and direct rays are dangerous.

The skin performs a protective function, taking the shot from sun exposure itself. Although we end up with quite a few of dangerous rays, and this is enough to start the malignant process in the body. That is worth remembering to get a tan without the risk?

You should always use sunscreen. Most people will approach the index SPF 40, but owners of light skin is better to choose protection more feasible. To use the product strictly in accordance with the instructions – if it says that a security update should be every two hours, so you need to do. Don’t forget to protect your hair, lips and hands.

Most dangerous sunbathing between 12 to 16 hours. This is the time of maximum solar activity. If you are going to the beach at this time, the safest way is to stay in the shade. You can use awnings, umbrellas and other structures. It is advisable to protect your skin with light clothing.

Remember that water reflects light. Sunbathing better at a sufficient distance from the water – at least ten meters. As for bathing, use water-resistant means. After bathing carefully wipe your face and apply sunscreen.

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If you are rarely in the sun, have fair or sensitive skin, do not just try to acquire a nice tan – give your skin to get used to. In the early days is not recommended on the beach more than an hour, but better to start with 15-30 minutes.

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