The only hydrogel patches, which are currently stayed in my Arsenal. Petitfee Collagen&CoQ10

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Good evening!

The recent issue of the condition of the skin under the eyes stood up to me very serious. Whether it’s the weather, or the eternal struggle with the dark circles under his eyes, but the skin looks thin, quite dry and become noticeable wrinkles. Of course, it’s not pleasant. In the course are proven means and new. Among the new I note hydrogel patches Petitfee Collagen&CoQ10

Caught me by accident. Why do I say that they are the only ones? Because it just so happened that hydrogel patches I have not delayed and are often a gift. They give me the opposite effect. The moisture, cause dryness and redness. Maybe it’s an individual reaction, but the fact remains.

That’s why these patches are no exception.

The skin under my eye Moody — thin, prone to dryness with a lifetime bruises that inevitably leads to the regular use of different tools, some of which only aggravate the situation.

Standard plastic box with a protective membrane inside. 60 patches per pack. The patches themselves are transparent, the touch is identical to the wet silicone????, so to speak. But like all their counterparts. Odorless. The form is also the standard drop:

When applying a little cold skin and dry out very quickly, almost instantly.

After their skin is smooth, slightly “pulled”, as if a light lifting effect. Bruising is not removed. About the cumulative effect, I would say not.


Super hydration you get. Well, at least I don’t get it. But the effect is quite nice, the skin looks more fresh, in my opinion, they are struggling with traces of fatigue and edema. Not 100%, of course. Although it depends on the degree. If the night were eaten jar of pickles, then you know where the patch is applied.. no???? Well prepare the skin for makeup application, smooth and tighten. In fact, in this format I’ll use. Put them on clean skin and leave to dry. Then clean it up. Is it from power for about 15 minutes. They dry out very quickly.

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Overall not a bad option. Not a must have. But it has a right to exist, especially if you want to quickly refresh the skin.

Rating: 5

Price: 950 rubles

Term of use: 1 month

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I went today to read about the updates on the website. Quite interesting, by the way, if you missed out this time, please note. The upgrades mostly for the better, but my attention was drawn to the discussion and condemnation of the publication of new users. Let’s be tolerant to each other. There are no random people, all trying. But if you’re new and not yet fully understood HOW this works, go to my account, I wrote especially for you a few tips on the subject. All good and patience!

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