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Still, the interest is all happening with a chain of stores Sephora. I was very curious if the findings of the organizers of the opening of the first Sephora store in Moscow, has anything changed for the second event, I attended the opening of a second store in Russia. If you, like me interesting to follow the events taking place with the network, welcome under kat.

Perhaps I’ll start with the fact that positive developments occurred at the stage of announcing the opening of a second store Sephora in Moscow. First atrium shopping centre, I think, a much more suitable place for festive events. The shopping centre is in easy access from the ring metro line. It is almost in the center, making access much more convenient for all residents of the city and its suburbs. However, atrium is not very big, so the place was partially out on the street, though, and under the canopy.

the end of the queue at 13:15

This time I want to see that the Sephora stores are likely to continue to open on the site of the former stores Ile De Beaute. Replace if Sephora Ile De Beaute fully, or two networks will be developed in parallel, is not clear. Although the instagram network mentioned that the network Ile De Beaute is continuing its work. Exclusive brands appeared in online stores in both chains. As in the official instagram of Russian Sephora repeatedly mentioned that the network plans to increase the number of exclusive brands.

In the photo the entrance to the store, I stand in the queue in front of the fence. This room used to be the store Ile De Beaute, who remembers a thousand years ago nearby was a second Russian store of Bath & Body Works, which unfortunately is then closed. Oh, there were times…

With regard to distribution in Russia, all rumors about the opening of a store in St. Petersburg in November. But official sources do not give. But was dropped phrase about the plans “ambitious to grow”. And I’ve seen comments about the opening of the shopping center Oceania. Just wanted to correct my mistake regarding the maps and policies of discounts and promotions made in the article about pradedem opening. Single card Sephora are not from the existence. Abroad it is not a discount, and funded. We have the same card and coupon and savings.

In the photo I’m standing at the end of the store to the right of the box office. Let’s see how it is more what is revealed in the Fleet…

Until October 14, when you order on this website you can get a map of Black, which gives a 25% discount on all brands except the list which can be found on the official website. For example on the Becca brand discount only 5%. When you shop on the map to accumulate points which can be exchanged for gifts. The system of accumulation of points and the list of gifts can be seen on the website, in my opinion gifts are very pleasant. Plastic card there, the card exists in the electronic version.

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In the center of the store space to create the mansion. Makeup artists are ready to put the buyer on the day of their birth, and it’s one of the bonuses that are announced on the official website. On the opening day there was painting everyone.

In respect of the shares accepted in the American Before, official sources put it this way. We will have our shares, which will be communicated separately. Not quote, but the meaning in it. Of course it’s a shame that sweet and tempting stock in the famous view we get, but I hope that the network will take the best from the experience of their competitors on the market. For example shares in a Golden Apple or in the same Rive Gauche are quite pleasant.

As expected, a lot of places are actually stands of the brand Sephora. One of the most colourful places — the wheel of Fortune from the liquid lipsticks Sephora.

Regarding the opening in the atrium shopping center, which occurred on September 28, I can say the following. The fact that the organizers took note of the opinion of their customers that they traced the main negative points and were ready to fix them, I was very interested and pleased. First, the opening time was moved to earlier. It is very reasonable, it is unnecessary for two hours during which the queue would grow, nervous and tired. Sooner would have been open, the better. They have left enough time that the people got together and went. Do the organizers opening even earlier is likely to create a stir that would not work.

This time it was at altitude. For example, in the middle of the shopping center (sorry for the tautology) gave a master class in dance. It was very pert and cute.

Be sure to mention all hackneyed beauty boxes. This time they decided to give the first 300 buyers who have made purchase for the sum from 2000 roubles, taking into account all discounts. It is much more reasonable than handing out boxes with any purchase. From Atmels all those hateful fans of freebies who bought the proverbial napkin or bombs for the bath to get a beauty box.

Area where visitors were painting makeup artists, and this was projected on the screen as well was. But the sound and video this time was much better.

It is also worth to say that in instagram comments members of the network in detail was explained that the boxes we’ve seen video bloggers, those boxes that are distributed to the celebrities at the opening of the Fleet, and those boxes that were given with the purchase is a DIFFERENT set of cosmetics. Moreover, the approximate composition of the boxes this time was posted the same instagram but with cautious reservation that the day of the opening part can be changed.

I am very pleased, this is what the network decided to hold a sweepstakes of 20 sets with makeup Kat Von D, it also reduced the intensity of emotions, as we understand the idea of pranks. And let the blind draw will decide not to postpone their case and stand for 5 hours in the queue. This was a nice bonus and added to the event atmosphere of celebration, not a slaughter. In the photo above giant lipstick Kat Von D, about which we had to take a photo and upload that photo to instagram and every hour is chosen by the winners. The sets were quite nice, on the photos in the official instagram of the brand, I was able to see the palette of shimmers / highlighters and lipstick, but the content was much more.

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stand Sephora Favourites with different palettes

The brands were all the same. Brought innovations in the face of Marc Jacobs, Huda Beauty, Kat Von D. is Already familiar to Becca. But if the last time it exclusivity has caused me bewilderment, then later everything became clear. Sephora become the sole distributors of cosmetics Becca in Russia, allowing the rest to sell off the remnants. For better or worse, we learn later, as long as the active network promises to expand the range, to bring limidi and generally to give us Paradise.

People certainly had a lot of, however since the bulk of the gift boxes had already gone, then place in the shop, and I could easily go to all the major exclusive stands.

Organized was just the line for the very first 300 people. They wrote numbers on his hand, and explained to the rest that only through the store will these 300, there will be let free and without a queue. I sighed with relief and had a wonderful hour over coffee and a book. Then about 3:15 after standing at the entrance literally 5-7 minutes, went to the store.

The coffee shop sat a group of bloggers, which I to my shame again, no one knew. They sat without proprietary packages. Apparently this time the organizers decided not to focus on the bloggers. Live instagram was more dedicated to the scene and leading, not behind the scenes visit to the bloggers store. It seems to me it was for the best. Live I only learned of Mark Kaufman, who showed his favorite foods.

stand Kat Von D

Even though people were many, the shop area allows you to accommodate such an influx. So it was a lot more konsultantov, I was able Sodano to talk to two. They promptly gave me help in finding my desired palette, found it in the vaults, and I happily jumped on the counter.

The queue however was about the same as in the first opening. Separated by stands of Beauty To Go with the miniatures of decorative cosmetics, care and cosmetics. However, unlike the first opening, the cashiers were happy, friendly, smiling and answered all the questions, but like as should not have been.

Overall, it was a lot more booths, more space and all breathe is not an example easier.

I can say that I was pleased with the trend. It’s nice that the network listens to its customers, not just revoking their discontent. Clearly the conclusions were made, and the work carried out. The passions are reduced, while leaving the excitement and festive mood. And personally, I like quite were able to enjoy the holiday.

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I walked purposefully, to close part of your shopping list of fall collections. I wanted to buy either Dior Devilish palette or the palette of Chanel Mystere Et Intensite. Dior was not available, so I picked Chanel. By the way, the palette is on 211 rubles more than in Rivgosh, and 1 ruble more expensive than in Ile De Beaute.

Just gifts with purchase this time was less abundant and the same to me (with rare exceptions) than the first opening. Ran back girl with packages, which were all the same striped Lollipop and a tool for removing eye make-up. But this time it didn’t look coaxing zorayda queue, and girls were torn to pieces, and they quietly handed out gifts to all! visitors to the shopping centre. And of the probes got the same vials of perfumes, the same miniature anti-ageing cream, perfume sachet and a sachet of serum.

In the first and second time I went for the gift box. I was just at the opening of the store. And can objectively summarize the second event that is focused on vostorgina free buns.

The second opening was not much better. Those who wanted to stand stood those who wanted to shop for holiday purchases and quietly walked around the Mall, relax and have fun. The organizers clearly took into account all of the many disadvantages of the first opening and fixed to the latter. Shop in the Atrium liked me much more than a store in the Fleet. He’s more free, it has more booths and products. More advisors. I was able to carefully walk through the store in spite of the large number of visitors, no one rubbed the priests and not crowded at the stands. Not satisfied demonstrative crowd of bloggers and celebrities, not unnerved people in advance. Made the discovery earlier. Made gifts of a certain amount of purchase and added jokes that if no one was hurt.

Of the minuses, initially, all crawled on the street. I noted that the benches Dior Dior Backstage at different ends of the store. (Not the end of the world, but still weird). And finally, Sephora is currently the most expensive network of those that are in Russia. If you compare the prices for maximum discount cards in other networks still cheaper and for me this is a serious disadvantage. But it is unlikely that the pricing will change.

I was pleased with the holiday, I really could get pleasure from opening a second store Sephora, I am very pleased that the organizers are listening to the comments of their customers, and hope with each store network will just get better and better.

Tell us who was at the opening, what were your impressions?

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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