The Ordinary. “B” Oil

Hello, dear readers!

Today I want to present to your attention the “B” oil from the company The Ordinary.

The product is relatively new, so it’s time to share your impressions about using this oil.

I think the company Deciem producing products of The Ordinary, known to many. And brand means usually cause many “heated” discussions.

Packing. Traditional. Thick cardboard. Bottle from dark glass with a glass pipette.

A volume of 30 ml.


The oil is a pleasant greenish-yellow color.

The color of the photo turned out frankly yellow, actually has a greenish tint.

The smell is pleasant, grassy. But quite light, quite quickly disappears.

It should be noted that the smell I was pleasantly surprised. Expect to smell like algae.)

Oil, I would say, medium thickness.

Drop off keeps. Absorbs quickly, and leaves no greasy film on the face.

Oil is not “oily”. ))

In dim daylight the impression that the oil is absorbed without a trace. With artificial glare applied all the same noticeable.


This oil contains the purified form of the microalgae (Isochrysis Galbana Extract) in a mixture of squalane, Abyssinian oil (or oil of Crambe), jojoba, baobab, argan, borage (borage), rosehip, Marula, putavi, Inca inchi, Brazil nut; extracts of rosemary and tomato.

Marine algae possess a range of “Goodies” for the skin. Moisturize, tone, help to retain moisture in the skin.

Oil of Borago (borage, borage) is a champion on the content of the rare gamma-linolenic acid. This acid, the more common in oils linoleic, faster and faster to digest gives the result. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially gamma-linolenic, contribute to the restoration of the lipid barrier, reduces transepidermal water loss.

The Brazil nut oil — contains large amounts of vitamin E and fatty acids.

Hydration, nutrition.

Baobab oil — contains vitamins A, C, D, E, F and fatty acids. Has anti-inflammatory, moisturizes.

Rosehip oil — has regenerating, anti-inflammatory properties.

Marula oil — moisturizes, reduces redness of the skin.

Oil Patay — antioxidant, anti-inflammatory.

Inca inchi oil — antioxidant, soothes and eliminates redness.

Rosemary extract — antioxidant, improves skin microcirculation, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Tomato extract — antioxidant, tones the skin, normalizes pH of the skin.


The manufacturer does not specify what time of day to use the “B” oil, but I was using it exclusively in the evening. The presence of such oils as borage, rose hip, Inca inchi (unstable to daylight) was the reason to make me such a conclusion.

But! These oils are unstable only in pure form (at least, according to the information I possess). So maybe I’m wrong.

But I prefer not to risk it.As oxidized oil will do more harm than good.

Used in different ways.

Option 1. After the serum (or several) on the still wet face. Do the massage. Put the cream.

Option 2. As the final stage of skin care. After toners, serums, creams.

Option 3. As the final stage of care, mixing 1-2 drops of cream.

4 option. As an oil mask. On moist face top — silicone mask.

For the experiment, was applied on moisturized face quite a large amount of oil. And only in this case, I noticed a greasy sheen on the skin. But only a glimpse! No fat “pancakes” !))


Oil “B” I liked it. Noticed good enough hydration. Wrinkles around the eyes become less noticeable. In the morning the skin looks nourished, fresh. Oil is not “heavier” care, absorbs quickly.

Does not cause morning puffiness of the face. I have sometimes even from nourishing creams. Do not “stretch” time, too, sometimes I have a moment from fat, nutrients.

It should be noted that the shelf life of the oil “B” is 6 months.

The consumption is small, perhaps we should now add a few drops in a body cream.

Term test: about three weeks.

Price: 16.50 $ on the official website of the brand.

Rating: 5/ 5 .

Thank you for your attention!

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