The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics


Long have I waited with the review of this serum, today I have it is completely gone. To be honest, at first I reacted to it very skeptical, bought it to the pile, moreover, about half of the bottle did not understand what she told me and what she was doing. Yes, it was convenient to dilute other products of the brand, but that’s all)

I ask you to look at.

So, The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics, 30 ml.

As usual the brand, the product in a glass frosted bottle with a glass pipette.

The bottle is supplied in a white cardboard box, inscribed with all the information about the tool.

The serum itself is water. No, not GOSTINICA water, or slightly gel-like liquid, as is often the case with hialuronowy serums, namely, ordinary liquid water, no color. Smell is, he is weak and personally, I like the smell of seaweed on the beach.

The skin applied very easy, good and rapidly distributed and absorbed, a trace does not leave after themselves. At first I didn’t understand that moisturizes whether it is at least…

But it is perfect for diluting it with other serums, as I said above, so I continued to use it — poured palpitate in hand, dripping alpha lipoic, resveratrol, AAU, ascorbic, etc.

Over time, after about palakona, I suddenly realized that the serum is great, skin is moisturized and healthier — she’s blonde, with a lively Shine, more elastic or something. If suddenly any imperfections, they are and, plus, by some miracle, she was influenced by peeling, making them less visible, and redness.

I write all this and I don’t believe it, but nevertheless, it is.

At the moment we have about a week, a little more like a serum I’m out, I use another tool and realize I miss the Marina and I really miss her, the skin under the eyes has become drier. So.

In the composition of the polysaccharides of the marine bacteria (polysaccharides, however, as amino acids, as we know, are the breeding ground for our microbiome, read here), glycoproteins of marine origin, blue-green algae, Hawaiian red algae, amino acids in the natural moisturizing factor — arginine, glycine, Proline, serine, sodium PCA. The whole composition is focused on moisturizing and retaining moisture in the stratum corneum, soften, improve skin resistance to negative environmental influences and aggressive cosmetic, increase the protective properties.

Summing up. I tried the brand not a lot of money, but enough to choose some favorites, which I will repeat, no matter what.

Is Niacinamide, alpha lipoic acid, EUK, almond peeling and now added hyaluronic Marina.

Volume: 30 ml

Price: about 500 rubles, free to$ 11.

If you don’t like the usual gialuronka seem sticky and poorly absorbed, it is quite possible to replace the hyaluronic Marina. Suitable for all skin types.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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