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Brand The Ordinary so tight and fruitful part of my life that I’m willing to share more about the four funds which came into my care last, so today this is the third part of a series of posts on The Ordinary. And while probably the last.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5

I think that already know everything about hyaluronic acid as a strong moisturizer for the skin. Of course, the brand The Ordinary could not include this product almost solo as a moisturizing serum for daily use.

2% hyaluronic acid supplemented with vitamin B5 to improve skin repair. The serum is recommended to apply morning and evening or as convenient.


The consistency of the serum is viscous and she is a little snotty. The skin is distributed easily, but literally a few seconds after applying a little skin tightens and I want to put the next stage of the moisturizer. If nothing is close, in principle, it is a feeling of tightness on the skin is, but some discomfort still remains, as if the remedy has not fully absorbed.

This serum I used as a daily skin care and I can’t say that I noticed improvement in the skin. First, hydration is more noticeable from the later of the cream, to evaluate precisely the work of the whey solo is very difficult, because not to cover up the impossible cream, makeup one serum goes bad. Secondly, all the same, the texture is hyaluronic acid for me is not comfortable, can’t get used to it, there are much more pleasant to use form of hyaluronic acid, the same Korean brand Ramosu, for example. So perhaps this is the first vehicle from the brand, which I won’t repeat.

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The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics

Maritime hyaluron or collagen thing by far indispensable for use on the skin as a cosmetic, and for ingestion. But recent history is not our area of interest 🙂

Ultra-light moisturising serum is water-based unlike the above-described hyaluronic acid is a liquid consistency, almost one water. Easy to apply and spread on skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no feeling of stickiness or feeling of tightness on the skin. The complete opposite Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5

If you do not pay attention to the consistency (and it does seem that the vial is poured plain water), just a couple of minutes after applying the serum I understand that to close it moisturizer and there is no need. Can be used morning and evening, I also suitable as a morning care, or sometimes the evening after the red peels of the same The Ordinary.

This serum goes sunscreen and makeup. Well, if you want to close cream on top — no limits. The product does not clog pores, does not irritate damaged skin, perfectly moisturizes and softens it, in General, this is a great hydrating serum, especially in contrast with the above.

The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% +HA

Mandelic acid is one of the mildest acids in its effects on the skin, but the manufacturer insists on using sunscreen, since this acid increases the sensitivity to UV light.

Slightly viscous yellowish liquid is easy to apply and spread over the skin, it is necessary to use as an evening of skin care, do not rinse. It’s not mixed, but if the skin is hypersensitive, it is possible to mix with squalane or oil, but honestly, I don’t see any sense, because particularly mandelic acid gently exfoliates the skin.

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May cause stinging on irritated skin in case of inflammation, sensitive skin quickly adapts without any flaking and redness on the skin. I usually use almond acid solo twice a week at night and in the morning a double dose of hydration in the form of a face mask, right now it’s Lancome Absolue Precious Cells with rose petals + hydrating serum. The next morning the skin is smooth, no redness if suddenly outlined any inflammation, it is very fast. Mandelic acid gently and gently exfoliates the skin, revitalizes, evens out skin tone. Unfortunately does not affect age spots, I have admirably namely lactic acid. These two acids I alternate courses in a week.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%

Earlier, I wrote about the 10% lactic acid and when I was presented with 5%, I was skeptical to lower the degree twice. 10% lactic acid twice a week had a healing effect on my skin, so I decided that a similar use of 5% lactic acid is right there.

In General, lactic acid helps to me to grind my pigmentation, and this summer I grabbed the unwelcome pigment spot on his forehead, which was very difficult to bring this hot summer, so it is 5% lactic acid the evening rate 7 days after 7 + powerful vitamin C in the morning helped me to smooth out (but do not destroy completely) this is the spot.

5% lactic acid fit well and distributed over the skin, does not irritate, fine grind the skin, eliminates blackheads and dried possible inflammation. Well this serum lightens dark spots and post-acne, the main thing regularity + tandem on the evening care with Niacinamide. With it though I use and 10% lactic acid. So it turned out that 5% is not so little if you use purposefully every day. The duration of the skin condition, I 7 on 7 helped me well. And now I’m using 1 week 5% lactic acid in a month, sometimes 5 days. Pigmentation started to recede, but there is still I think there is a merit of the new serum with vitamin C, I plan to tell later.

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Here such it turned out another means brand The Ordinary. Yet, nothing new for myself, I have a brand I’ve never tried, but heard that there were new items, not mono-tools, so plan to expand familiarity with the products of the brand, to me they are as primary care fit for a long time.

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