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Left to right: 12 Vintage, 34 Pure Society, 03 Cherry Skies 11 Kitten Heels

With a line of liquid lipsticks Liquid Suede I met a long time, has gradually accumulated a small collection of red shades.

Initially they claimed as a matte lipstick with a matte velvet finish.

Whether it’s simple, tell me some more later in the review.

Swatch under natural light

The range is divided into lipstick called Suede Liquid NYX Cream Lipstick — the ones with the promised velvet finish and NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte — in fact, Metallica.

The design of the lipsticks is quite simple, but pleasant. The applicator to cope with the rendering loop perfectly: to be accurate, neither the pencil nor the brush is not required — a big plus, especially if you have to paint outside the home. Special skills or shamanic dancing is not needed. Of the minuses — the use can wear away the letters on the packaging and appearance will not be as presentable, but does it really matter?

As the quality of the lipsticks vary from shade to shade, about each in more detail:

NYX Liquid Cream Lipstick Suede

11 Kitten Heels

A photo in natural lighting

Red tint with very light ryzhankou. Placed on the lips is not plesivec. To the end does not dry up, remaining exactly the “velvet” on the lips, due to this they do not dry out, thus justifying their opacity.

Natural light+fluorescent light

With me successfully experiencing a Cup of coffee; after meals may need a little touch up but overall stays on the lips very well.

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Swatch under natural light

Recently started to use less, because the colour is still too open and bright, it is necessary to have a certain mood.

Rating: 4+/5

Price: 700r no discounts

NYX Liquid Cream Lipstick Suede

03 Cherry Skies

Swatch of the lipstick in natural light

The main disappointment. More liquid in texture than the other two shades that I have from this line. In contrast, not dries at all, plesivec, if applied in a single layer. Due to the fact that the shade and quite dark, and translucent, when you try layering is visible all the flaws. I tried to apply a special brush, but again faced the same problem. The color itself is nice, but on the lips it looks ugly, it is not persistent, it is impossible to tint, peeling stresses.

Tolerant photo of the product on the lips is done after lots of suffering and affliction.

Product photos in natural lighting

Rating: 2/5 — c stretch, only for the pretty color and that it can be easy timtom to drive on the lips.

Price: 700r no discounts

NYX Liquid Metallic Matte Suede

34 Pure Society

A photo in natural lighting

Shade from the line of metallics. Initially attracted by the color on the lips looks beautiful and impressive. Cons: accentuate all the folds and peeling that can dry the lips. Me very dry, especially in winter, when they and so the problem. Tint it is extremely difficult, since the overlaying may be similar to putty. The product is preferably applied in a thin layer so it felt on the lips more or less comfortable. Micellar water rinse, but will have to make a little effort — the shade is very persistent..

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Swatch in daylight

Rating: 3+/5 For the elegance, durability, beautiful color and impression. You can use, but I want not very often.

Price: 700p

NYX Liquid Cream Lipstick Suede

12 Vintage

Swatch of the shade in natural lighting

My favorite among the almost all shades of lipsticks. Complex propylene red color, not very rich, medium tone. Depending on the lighting can look completely different, but always interesting. Buy it for the second time as the last tube was used until the end. Figure.

The shade in natural lighting

Superimposed well when overlaying becomes darker, not plesivec and not slipping. On the lips felt very comfortable and does not dry them completely. During the day you can easily touch up, although coffee and a light snack is going through with me properly.

Rating: 5/5

Price: 700r no discounts

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