The Ritual of Happy Buddha

This bright orange box came to me from Finland, and previously I was not familiar with the brand. To surprise us, experienced persons, it’s complicated, but this case is really out of the ordinary…

Large very tight box, covered with fabric, like a tapestry. A design in gold suggestive of… spices?

Within four subjects:

  • body cream
  • body scrub
  • hand soap
  • shower gel

Body cream body cream Buddha belly became the favorite hand cream. A tube with a volume of 70 ml. contains No silicones, alcohol. In the composition of many oils! Most importantly, even when washing hands cream is not washed off the slippery ground, and it seems to continue to act even after a bath.

Separately want to say about the scent. It is simply divine.Very delicate floral smell, it seems to me, still smells like some dessert. Fresh pastries with vanilla? Not recognize, but sooo delicious.

The cream is very nourishing, winter is even seen photos. Well absorbed and does not leave a nasty greasy film.

Body scrub Let your skin smile body scrub. Jar with sugar and oil, with a weight of 125 g is not enough, but other volumes outside these sets. The aroma is very similar to the smell of the body cream, but a little less saturated.

Sugar grains are small, but not microscopic, skin do not scratch. All this nutritional oily liquid is absorbed into the skin already peeled off and the result is incredible smoothness and long lasting fragrance 😋

The composition is not very long and it’s even a plus:

Liquid soap for hands and Happy hands hand wash. Absolutely colourless, slightly gel soap in a transparent red bottle with strict faces. A volume of 300 ml. a Wonderful dispenser that spits and it does not form a tube. Flavor is the same, but much sharper than the scrub, some time remains on the skin after rinsing. Still waiting, when I get bored)

How it looks:

The foam is good.

Shower gel Happy foaming shower gel. The unusual format of detergent) Bottle similar to the packaging of shaving foam and the gel was faking it 😄 That is, when you extrude the gel turns into a fragrant cloud of foam, a mousse type Nivea. Only denser, bulkier and with the same divine scent of flowers, vanilla and fresh pastries. The volume of the bottle 200 ml.

The gel is white, but when exposed to air is instantly converted into a thick foam. And the more squeezed the gel stays on the air, the more magnificent the obtained foam pillow. It grows and grows until it begins to smear on the skin.😀

If possible, I recommend to try, I’m sure, will not remain indifferent, as not left me. Now really want to study the set of series Sakura.

The price of the kit: 30 Euro

Rating: 5+++ Excellent body properties and aroma!..

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