The scent of the girl that becomes a woman… “Beautiful Belle” Estée Lauder, edp

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You’re in love, you are happy, you get married, you enter into a new adult life, leaving behind the girl’s antics, charming nonchalance and a certain giddiness. However, it is very important to save the fragile tenderness, and a fervent love for the chosen, awe and a bit childish naivety… it’s all there in a bottle “Beautiful Belle” from Estée Lauder.

When I was a bride and was looking for a fragrance for one of the most important days in my life, I knew: it has to be classical, few air, with sweet and, at the same time, tart notes. And if the brand Estée Lauder released their new product then, seven years ago, I would definitely put it“Beautiful Belle” -the scent for the modern bride, which tells the story of the happiness, romance and true love.

Eau de Parfum “Beautiful Belle” Estée Lauder, 50 ml

Oriental floral fragrance released in 2018 and is a Flanker fragrance “Beautiful”, released in 1985.

Top notes: Mimosa, lychee, rose petals;

Heart notes: orange flowers, Gardenia and tuberose;

Daisy chain notes: orris root, chord, suede, marzipan musk and embraced.

White cardboard box with gold sides, bottom, top caps and logoVial of thick arrow a simulated Assembly hemline wedding dressPlastic cover embellished rings — a symbol of infinity and eternal love of two heartsNeck of the bottle is decorated with a gold necklace with signature engraved

Love is not subject to the rules! — reads the slogan of the new fragrance. Absolutely true!

Each of us is feeling very special, unique and unlike any other.

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Their families only, we set the rules and create traditions. However, Estée Lauder has tried to create the olfactory image of a young woman who is on the threshold of a new life and ready to create your own little “Home World”.

Beginning of the song is a loud, noisy, sweet! If you are in the company of cheerful and laughing loudly girlfriends eat juicy litchi in the kitchen, at the table, where my mother’s vase is a bunch of yellow Mimosa, presented on March 8, and a crystal socket with a fragrant jam made from rose petals.

Here, in half an hour you have a thrill running to meet her lover who gives a pot of gardenias, on the eve of a wedding celebration.

Train… excited, trembling, anticipating the start of and at the same time shy, a little transparent cool as icicles that begin to melt in the spring sun. Spring is the beginning of awakening of nature, like a wedding — start a family!

You will become enveloped in a gentle, but at the same time, strong floral swirl, because the bride give a lot of bouquets! Moreover, to divide the colors by the names it is absolutely impossible!

Clearly audible powdery notes, however, young repeatedly during the event, a little powdered nose, fixing her makeup.

Complete the composition are small and effervescent bubbles in champagne, the drink of happiness, a little nose would be tickling.

A stunning train! It is the Wedding itself!

Rather short, approximately at arm’s length, but perceptible and pleasant.

I doubt he’ll be able to asphyxiate someone or to cause hostility.

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I would call toilet water “Beautiful Belle” Estée Lauder very balanced floral aroma of new modern classics with a delicate sweet and tart notes.

Resistance about six hours, and the scent gradually fades, not giving the skin an unpleasant music.

In addition, I can not mention is simple but, at the same time, a sophisticated bottle of thick glass with simulated assemblies of hemline wedding dress in the bottom right corner. His neck is decorated with a gold necklace engraved with the logo of the brand, and the head plastic hat, adorned with two rings — a symbol of infinity and eternal love of two hearts.

Charming a bottle hidden in a white cardboard box with Golden letters the name of the fragrance, brand, logo, side, top and bottom caps.

The bride is beautiful in itself, and the delicate classic fragrance in an elegant bottle will be a nice addition to her flawless image!

Price per 50 ml bottle — 6900 rubles

Thanks for the read! I will be glad to be useful!

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