The secret garden without a hidden window. My favorite finishing powder Bell Secret Garden Beauty Finish Powder.

This powder I believe his find. I bought quite by accident when I had to fill the basket to get free shipping.
Mark Bell needs no introduction, it can be found almost everywhere, have not seen the product in excess of 7$ cost.
So, packaging plastic, unpresentable, but it is quite durable. The lid closes tightly with a click.

The manufacturer calls it multi-color-correcting powder. It reccomends to apply all over the face.

Consists of six different colored sectors, which is very much reminiscent of the colors of the Guerlain meteorites balls.

The smell of dust in weak and I almost do not feel during the application, the person did not hear.

It’s too small, compressed concrete and not easily typed on a brush. During operation, not salted.

The white sector has a satin finish the other is matte. But for the time you use small sequins spread all over the surface.

The individual sparkles are not visible. Placed on the skin uniformly. Gives glow and visibly lightens the tone and gives the effect of blur( well, why not Blair ?). I diluted it all its jaundiced colors. Goes well with loose mineral powders, different BB and CC and creams with matte or wet finish.
On the face to take a picture turned out to be an impossible task, at least for my camera. To catch her on the skin of the hands also had to sweat.

Inflicted everywhere a thick layer, so that little was visible.

Equally friendly with brushes of synthetic and natural bristles. Not clogged in the folds and pores, extends wear of eye makeup even on very hot days. In General, I like it, I even postponed the meteorites constantly use Bell Secret Garden Beauty Finish Powder. In life looks much prettier than the photo. I recommend to look alive, after all, noticeably brightening.
Costs around 250 p.

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