The secret is in the brush? How to choose mascara

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Now the choice of mascara is huge. There are many color options, the promised effect, compositions – to make the right choice very difficult.

Going to the store, decide what effect you need of a new mascara. Length, volume, unusual effect or Curling? Unfortunately, rare ink can boast the combination of several effects, so do not count on it.

Many experts believe that the most important thing for a mascara is its brush. Shape, thickness and material do have a great influence on the effect that is achieved when using mascara. For lengthening lashes will suit you fine brush, and wide will help to give volume. Brushes made of silicone allow you to separate lashes and avoid clumps.

By the way, you can leave the brush from an old mascara that you found most convenient, and use them with any other mascara. Of course, the composition of the carcass also affects the result, but the brush will help you, for example, to add volume when using mascara with lengthening effect.

If you want to buy waterproof mascara, you should consider that it is not recommended for daily use. Since waterproof mascara is difficult to remove from the lashes and it contains special components, it can weaken the lashes when used frequently. Of course, not superfluous to have waterproof mascara in my purse, but every day is better to choose another option.

The same applies to a coloured mascara, so for everyday use most of the girls go up several colors and call them bright, hard – blue, gray and green. Makeup with bright mascara looks very interesting, but most likely it will gather dust on the shelf and will be used only a few times. So before buying the carcass of an unusual color, weigh all the “pros” and “cons”.

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In the composition of the carcass can enter useful not only for effect but also the health of the lashes components. For example, a mascara for curls can contain special resin and keratin, which strengthens their action, and at the same time strengthens lashes.

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