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Buy shadows was a spontaneous and dictated solely by my favourite range of shades. I have a positive attitude towards the brand, and I already have sculptors, military, blush and even curler from Kevin. But with the shadow acquainted for the first time. Despite the fact that the palette is limited, it is not yet available, therefore, we hope that this review will be for someone practical value.

The shadows are in a compact case from quality black plastic.

The lid is decorated with a stylish print with a hint of three metallic eyeshadow palette. The name of the palette says: the combination nadovich shades and a pop of metallics.

Inside is a large mirror, 12 soul school of shadows and no brushes-sponges. Personally, I really like the format: a small case in which many different shades. A great option for travel.

Let’s examine the twelve soul school.

In the palette, five matte eye shadows, four and three satin metallic.

Signed title soul school.

Let me begin with the bright metallic.

Top down shades Masterpiece, Mosaic, Graffiti in different lighting


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Smoky rose gold chrome on a dark base. Depending on the angle the tint goes pink-purple in gold with some greenish colour as swatches below.

Shade Graffiti

Very pigmented, rich, “buttery” color. Usually dark shimmer all dry, but this is not worse than bright shades. Perfectly applied with a brush. Very beautiful and almost crumbles under the eyes.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Copper-gold chrome. Bright like real gold, straight, in any light looks the same. On TX does not yield the best Simmern ABH.

Both colors seemed to me like shades of the newly acquired charts. So Graffiti reminded me of the Drama ABH from this review. But the latter is too dry, has a more pronounced purple base and not duochrome. Shimmer on the eyelid appears weak. And Mosaic because of its modnosti reminded me of shadow of the Marc Jacobs this review. In fact, MJ is much more red and more satin.

Compare Graffiti and Mosaic with similar shades


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Rose gold chrome. A little duochrome due to the presence of Golden shimmer, which shines through the pink base.

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That’s the shade I compared with the shadows of the Hourglass from the previous post. Refill and spotchem it seems that they have exactly the same lying eyes. The difference, however is, but this does not detract from the beauty of these shadows.

Comparative Swatch

Now move to the four satin refill.

Top down shades Surreal, Portrait, Creation from different angles,Top down shades, Mural, Portrait, Creation from different angles


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Color Golden champagne. The shadows are pigmented, silky, a little dust in refile, but under the eyes crumble.

Such shades are often used, so I immediately remembered two samples, which should be similar shades (palette No. 1 and one No. 2). But in fact, all shades are different from each other, these duplicates in his collection I found.

Surreal comparison with similar shades


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Golden peach, very soft, light shade, similar to the previous TX.Overall, the palette is perceived as neutral-cool with a tendency towards purple. But these shadows just stand out with its warm undertone.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

White gold, very pigmented cool shade, when applied under the brow I shade it well that too does not flicker. Many bright colors lately fall very tightly in the corner of the eye, and lay there a layer, because when the feather becomes slightly noticeable. The same shade with the subtlest application is clearly visible and it does not weigh down the skin and eyes. The finish reminded me of the glow of the Japanese shadow.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Plum and crimson translucent satin. To admit the movie confused me. In refile in the photo he seems very bright and I feared that I would not find a use for it. In fact it was semi-transparent, so swatches I layered. This is the only refil that needed it. However in the eyes I don’t layer, and it looks amazing. The second point — it’s on me getting warmer. To verify the guess can’t but admit that on someone else it will be more neutral. I it with pleasure use for a daytime Smokey.

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Now I will discuss five matte tefilah.

Immediately I will say that I am impressed with the quality of the matte shadows. They are no worse than AVN pigmentation, shading, but not crumble and are not loosened in refile. Plus all gravitate to the cool palette.

Swatch of all five shades together.

From left to right, the shades Design, Sketch, Sculpt, Canvas, HueSwatch in one coat, finger and no base


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Smoky eggplant, with a solid matte finish texture. Give it less visible on swatches. However in makeup it works perfectly. Pigmented, because century and swatches it is much darker than in refile really resembles eggplant. A cool shade.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Grey plum, very soft (when your finger is like in the fluff falls) and of pigmented color. In the photo I failed to catch his slowest, and it is. It is a cold hue, and even at me in the eyes he is cold. One of the most interesting for me, since I have nothing like this.

I think Charlotte Tilbury is a similar shade, but as you can see in the photo below, he is quite different: warmer, brown, and less pigmented.

Comparison of the Sketch with similar hue


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Pink-tupoy, soft and very pigmented. In refile cold for me out in the heat, but not critical. To it in a few goes following the shade.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Light pink taupe with the same TX as the previous one. In refile it is neutral, I’m already warm. Creates a beautiful haze. Despite the dullness on the eyelids, these shades have an overflow, as will be seen below in the looks.


On the left of the window, to the right in the back of the room, bottom Swatch

Light peach shade, similar to TX with the other matte. On my skin it was barely visible. Easy persikovoe darker than my skin and can still you will be visible. I podeshevev edge, because even for my age he’s pale, to create a transition in sladke, and on the eyelid I prefer to apply the powder Hourglass.

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Seeing these matte shadows, I could not remember about the Naked 3 palette and two of his favorites. Nooner I have already compared with the Dusty Rose hue of the Soft Glam ABH, and the coldness of the first I like more, although th AVN has the advantage. Kevin shade matched completely, clean double, but with a better TX. He’s much softer and pigmentirovannoj. I do not regret that I have duplicated the shade, as this is the way, and I already essentially wiped refil UD. The second shade does not match, continue the search for his replacement.

Compare matte shades palette Urban Decay Naked 3

Consider all the Swatch together. This palette was not stated as purple, but her attraction to this color clearly felt. I would even say that it is in this regard bypassed Norvina ABH.

All shades; at the top of the window down in the back of the room

Traditionally will show multiple looks.

Makeover No. 1:

Makeover No. 2:

Makeup is used mostly matte shades, but it is clear that opacity is not deaf, and there are satin overflow.

Makeover No. 3:

Makeover No. 4:

So brightly shines that seemed to take a new cream odnushek Hourglass

Volume: 12 soul school 1.5 g (surprisingly a lot for such a tiny size.)

Production: Italy

Price: 3800 rubles/57 $

Rating: 5

I put in the basket this palette half an hour later, she came to me available for sale. It was love at first sight. I was looking forward to her arrival. New Sultry ABH seemed too normal, as interesting shades, only two of the fourteen, and the rest — it’s already all have. A new limited edition palette from Charlotte Tilbury I wanted more out of love for the brand. N I was forced to admit that this orange-pink again and again warm range I don’t need. But the most interesting ottenki will look better on dark or even darker skin than my very white. Nude POP also allows you to make cool sudovy makeup with metallic accent. Options of looks from it are unlimited. I have not yet used a gold metallic, in view of the circumstances did more restrained make-up, but it is obvious that the potential of the palette is great.

Purchase I’m definitely pleased, impressed with the quality of shadows and the selection of shades. We can say that discovered a brand Kevyn Aucoin. What do you think about shadows?


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