The shade that I often use in daily makeup Givenchy Xmas Collection Dual Liner in shade 01 “Mysterious red”

Good day, dear readers!

Today I will talk about the shadows, which I often use for everyday daytime makeup.

Givenchy Xmas Collection Dual Liner in shade 01 “Mysterious red”

So ask for cat.

With this little pencil, I met the one of the sessions, professional make-up ( about it I wrote earlier) once released a limited edition collection of Givenchy. Since then I use the shadows often, but to write a post happened just now.

This is my first shadow in a similar format and I must confess that I liked him.

General view of tools

The tool takes up very little space in the purse and it is very convenient to take with you. The body of the pencil is done very efficiently, and the cap closes tightly, the stick is put forward without any problems.

The tool is designed to perform in makeup two functions: eye shadow or eyeliner. That is why there are two shades.

Swatch on the hand. Natural daylight

The main brown color to use as shadow, is equipped with small gold sequins, which swatches to consider is not possible.

Red tint, eyeliner, matte.

The texture tools are very similar to regular eyeliner. The shadows are creamy, but not dry.

The shadow of a pencil on the eyelid as a base. Struck and restorefile finger. All movable century brown, ciliary row caused a red hue as an eyeliner.

I usually use this shade as a base for other shadows, as the resistance makes it an excellent base. Resistance to greasy eyelids is 5-6 hours without a base or primer. In other posts I mentioned that over this period, the shadows don’t wear. The next photo shows the version that I use now most often.

Lipstick Givenchy Xmas Dual Liner as a base and highlighter Dior Midnight Wish Blush Holiday 2018 as the base coat.

The final version does not look very bright and may may seem to some to be mundane and even boring, but, in my opinion, for daytime work makeup is a great solution, especially if you complement the look with a bright lipstick.

And at the end of the post picture in full image. Eye makeup complemented the lipstick from the palette of Chanel lipstick( Christmas collection)

Period of use: October 2018

Price: 1 871 RUB( 25% discount)

Rating: 4+

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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