The shades of lipsticks that don’t like men

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Proven that men don’t like girls with bright red lipstick on. In this list got different shades that many women have in the purses. If you are in search of the second half or do you value the attention of men, it is recommended to get rid of lip products shades that we have in our collection.

Most men like girls who don’t wear much at all, or use natural lipsticks nadovich shades. By the way, forget matte and overly glossy texture – this sponge men to kiss don’t want to.

In addition to red lipstick, the black list and get all of its dark shades. These include berry red, wine, maroon, ruby, Burgundy, Marsala – the list is endless.

Too dark lipstick – black, brown, purple, puzzling the men. Out this lipstick, it is better not to paint, but if you are going to meet with friends – why not be a trend.

Bright pink shades in the style of Barbie, pale pink and fuchsia – all these colors are not all the fair sex. These lipsticks are appropriate for theme parties, but not in everyday life.

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