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The beauty and brevity of boxes of decorative cosmetics Marc Jacobs has long defined the brand for one of the leading positions in my fish list. Therefore, finding the corner of the brand, the purchase was not. It was necessary only to decide what to take. In the end, I chose four products, one of which was the heroine of the post. Given that Marc Jacobs will soon be available in Russia, I think that a story about one of the eyeshadow palettes from the permanent collection will be interesting.

Black plastic case with a silver lock. A convenient opening is a bonus. Inside there is a mirror in all length of the cover and separation of the plastic insert with the logo.

On the bottom of the case title soul school. Despite the length of the case, it is very compact. All edges are rounded and obayemi and easily fit in a purse. Anther no. Although I would not mind him, as the glossy surface shadow is easy to scratch and wipe. Yes, and fingerprints it can not be avoided.

In the palette, only seven soul school of shadows. Brushes and sponges either.

Have PROIZVODITELYA on the packaging that the palette of shadows with different finish: velour, satin, silk, and lamé. But it does not specify which is which. So I will describe how I perceive them. So there are matte, satin and himernye the shadows.

The sun

All the shadows have excellent pigmentation. A little dust in refile (but at times less than ABH), but does not fall under the eye during the makeup. Resistance to make-up remover: color won’t fade and crease, not going. Wear on the base.

Consider the shade more.

DaylightIn the sunSwatch

In bed: cool bright pink, matte, a little dry when applying finger on hand, but smooth on the eyelids and shading.

Shades In bed and Just stay

Just stay: wine on a brown base, neutral, satin, very soft. Well applied with a brush on a clean lid on top of other shadows. No flaking under the eyes. Perfectly Blendable.

Shades As well and Just stay

As well: black, opaque with small pink and Golden sequins, which are well tolerated on the eyelid composed of shadows, and not a separate osipowski. Can cause haze, and you can get intense color. Absolutely no flaking under the eyes and very easy to use. I’m not very friendly with black shadows, so you can imagine what it’s for shadows, once I’m comfortable with them doing makeup.

DaylightIn the sun: As well, You migth, Otherwise, With styleIn the sun: Otherwise, With style, Say itShades You migth, Otherwise, With style

You migth: lilac with Golden shimmer shimmery shade. The star of the palette. It reminded me a bit of the pigment No. 22 from Inglot, but the last on the eyelids look Golden and slightly purple, but You migth see a shade, and then the game Golden shimmer, which is much more subdued than the pigment. Shimmer from Marc Jacobs and land in TX, so the dust when you brush set more than any other soul school. Eyes behave impeccably. Do not these shadows have the manufacturer of the silk finish?

In the sun As well, You migth, Otherwise, With styleShades Otherwise, With style and Say it

Otherwise: light brown, matte, neutral hue. Perfect for crease, soft and well pigmented.

With style: light, slightly rotovisco base shade opaque, not translucent. Despite the matte finish on the skin in the feathered form (for example, under the eyebrow) has a slight glow.

Say it: pearl light pink shimmer, very bright. In a palette that is not visible and when I first struck, it was a surprise. Here’s what he was Lama, I have no doubt. Crazy pigmentation, apply equally well to clean the lid and on the other the shadows. Gives the effect of the foil. The loose eyeshadow palette, shimmer as if from the brush bounces around the refil. But when applied on the eye there is no “ugliness” is not observed.

All Swatch together

The light of dayIn the sun

Some make-UPS.

Makeover No. 1:

Makeover No. 2:

Makeover No. 3:

On the mobile eyelid applied shade You migth barking this Golden tide on a lilac base.

Volume: 7 soul school at 0,85 gr

Production: USA

Price: 3680 roubles

Rating: 5 (after the first make-up I took another version of the palette from Mark)


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