The shadow of Marc Jacobs Eye-conic No. 740 Scandalust

Continue acquaintance with the brand Marc Jacobs. On the agenda is another palette from the permanent collection.

I will not again dwell on the packaging and the case, so I wrote about this in the previous review. Eyeshadow palette 7 soul school of shadows of different textures: velvet, satin, silk, and lamé.

Each shade has a name which is written on the packaging and on the bottom of the case.

All shades are very pigmented, does not fall under the eyes, fine and easily become flustered, have excellent resistance to make-up remover: not fade or gather in the crease.

Examine the shadow more:

Shades Of Scandalous, Little Miss, They Call Her
Shades They Call Her, Little Miss, Scandalous daylight and the sun

Scandalous: matte red, cool shade. For centuries has not a dull matte surface. a silk finish. Unexpected color in the palette, so initially I passed it by.

Little Miss: frosted dark cool brown shade with a silky finish. At first glance, the palette is warm, but when looking at each refil separately realize that there are a lot of cool colors.

They Call Her: satin rich copper-red shade. The first warm tint. Do not crumble. Slightly creamy texture.

The hue That’s Why, Cause a Fuss

Shade At The Office, Hot PantsHue That’s Why, They Call Her in the daylight and the sunShade At the Office, Cause a Fuss in the daylight and the sunShade Hot Pants in daylight and in the sun

That’s Why: a matte, light brown with ruinkai shade with velour finish. The second warmer shade in the palette. He has more than a dull, matte finish. Very soft, crumbling only in refile and just a little bit.

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Cause a Fuss: beige, shimmer finish Lam, neutral, because depending on the lighting goes in cool colors, then warm. The loose, when you set brush some particles bounce off and fall around the refil. The most brilliant and bright.

At the Office: a matte light beige with velour finish, neutral. On my light skin it appears darker than in the palette. So I use it for wrinkles the century, to more dark skin it can become the base.

Hot Pants: sateen, very light beige shade, warm. So light that would have merged on my skin, if they were satin. Soft and not loose.

All Swatch together:

Left in daylight, right in the sunSwatch in the back of the room

A couple of looks from this palette.

Makeover No. 1:

Glitter in the centre of the lid provides shade They Call Her, I caused a drop top

Makeover No. 2:

Volume: 7 soul school at 0,85 gr

Production: USA

Price: 3680 roubles

Rating: 5

Buy another shade from the permanent collection not expect, shades are not mine. But the quality is excellent, and if will appear something new in the closer for me scheme, you will be happy to join your collection.


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