The Shiny Pretty Things Goody Bag: Nude Lips by MAC

My usual situation: went to the store the MAC just look at gone with the set πŸ˜€

I like the Christmas offer and limidi from this brand, so could not refuse myself the pleasure to buy a pretty nice set β€” Shiny Pretty Things Goody Bag: Nude Lips.

Another set is available in the color Red

So, the set includes:

  • lip pencil Lip Pencil in shade Boldly Bare;
  • lipstickLipstick the formula is Cremesheen, hue β€” the Open Presence;
  • lip gloss Lipglass in shade Holiday Miracle.
  • cosmetic bag β€” it consultant somehow highlighted)))

Were all in this big silver box on the back which shows the set and its description.

Lip pencil Lip Pencil in shade Boldly Bare.

Pencils MAC I was not familiar β€” to be honest, strangled by a toad to pay for the pencil RUB. 1300 β€” after all, even the masses makes now a very good pencils. But once caught in the set β€” try it.

Pencil in the tree, no problems with it no sharpening (sharpener Niks)

Loved the texture of the pencil β€” it is soft like a cream and glides on effortlessly. After a bad pencil from Thin, I rejoiced! I use it for its intended purpose, and it’s not solo:

On the website this color is described as red-brown and it for me a little strange… I see a peach-beige is a delicate Nude.

The durability of the pen is good, snacks is going through and due to its shade almost imperceptibly falls from her lips.

The price of individual pencil: 1260 RUB.

Rating: 5.

Lipstick Lipstick in the Cremesheen formula, shade β€” Open Presence.

With MAC lipsticks I already know and like them a lot.The opinion about the other lipsticks in my collection can be found here β€” πŸ™‚

It is on the lipstick and fell my mind in the first place β€” I was looking for something beige and peach, but to be honest, even could not think that this shade will reveal to me exactly as I wanted.

Don’t see the point for the umpteenth time to describe the case, I think everyone already know how to look like the famous bullet))

I already have a MAC lipstick in the Cremesheen formula, but not to say that I love her very much. No, it is different, but personally I prefer their satin uniforms β€” they give less wet Shine and overflow. But this lipstick seemed to me not so glossy, just very close to my beloved satin.

The formula is creamy, despite the bald Swatch on the hand, lips goes perfectly. On the lips felt very comfortable and creamy.

Special fortitude from this formula, don’t expect the snack is experiencing poorly. But to extend resistance you can use a pencil as a substrate.

The price of a single lipstick: 1480 RUB.

Rating: 5.

Lip gloss Lipglass in shade Holiday Miracle.

Nodoby Shine with a drop of teplenky and a scattering of Golden shimmer in the composition, completes the set.

It is pretty tight, well pigmented gloss. It can be applied as a barely visible translucent layer and layering to thick cover.

The brush is quite fluffy β€” it’s not very convenient.

The gloss is not sticky, the circuit is not leaked, but on the lips it got weird.

When applying the solo though, at least for the pencils it in the center of the lips makes such ugly things:

With a pencil:

Solo, the situation is better:

The best way is to apply it thin, translucent layer. But still, for the price he lies on the lips neoch…

The price of individual brilliance: 1430 RUB.

Rating: 4-

Summary: as always β€” MAS is very pleased me with their products, and even the strange behavior of brilliance does not overshadow the joy of shopping) Lipstick from this brand have been, and still is one of my favorites. But Houston, we have a problem! now I’ve got my eye on their pencils:)

By the way, I don’t know what about glitter and pencil, but the consultant said that shade of lipstick is presented exclusively in this set and in the individual it is not for sale.

The kit price: 3800 RUB. If not to take into account the makeup, the total price of the filling is 4180 RUB.

Rating: 5.

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