The skin microbiome of representatives of the European race differs from the others

After starting Ecobiotys, a new active ingredient, designed to regulate the microbiome of the skin, Silab company announced that it managed to identify the key features of the microbial signatures of Mature skin.

After analyzing samples of the skin microbiome representatives of the Caucasoid race, Silab researchers said that with age, the bacterial diversity of the skin changes significantly. A group of scientists worked with two groups: the first consists of women aged 21 to 31 years and the second 54-69 years. Each of the study participants samples were taken of the skin in the forehead. The obtained biomaterial was allowed to analyze and compare the bacterial communities of the samples of the skin in different periods of life.

Data analysis showed that the content microbial changes in the aging process. The researchers also stated that the overall structure microbial is also different between the two age groups. Besides, the older the person becomes, the more differences in the composition of the microbiome of the skin in comparison with others.

Moreover, studies of taxonomic composition showed an increase in proteobacteria and a decrease in actinobacteria for more Mature skin. At the genetic level older skin showed a significant increase in Corynebacterium and decrease in relative abundance of propionic bacteria.

“Previous studies of skin Pokrovo Asian women also showed a change of skin microbiota in the aging process. However, given that each race has its own microbial signature-indicators, the scientific community was interested to decipher the age imbalance of the skin microbiome, especially in women of the European race,” said Romain Julfa, head of the research division Silab.

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According to Silab, the results can be the basis for the development of new approaches aimed at restoring the balance of microbiota of the skin, which changes during the aging process. One of the first products developed taking into account age peculiarities of the composition of the skin microbiome, has become Ecobiotys cosmetic ingredient from Silab.

Ecobiotys is a cosmetic active ingredient, developed from the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii, isolated from nectar of flower Hoya carnosa (fleshy Hoya). This substance is intended to balance the bacterial communities on Mature skin by strengthening the immune and mechanical barriers skin.

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