The struggle for smooth pink heel. Part 4

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Continue the series of posts dedicated to the care heels and shins. Today I will describe my impressions from the use of three creams for the legs and one oil. Who the theme is interesting, inviting to read.

Soapmakers. Oil for legs, Light legs

A long time ago I already wrote about two of my favourite solid hand oils from the company of mylovarov. On the background of this love of oils for the hands, I decided to try butter for legs of the same company with the pretty name pretty legs.

Modest plastic jar with a screw cap — a fairly common container for packaging budget natural cosmetics. Not a very large volume of oil due to the modest scope of its use, the feet. I use not only on the feet but sometimes on the leg, so I spent it quickly.

The consistency is thick oil but it is soft, from the jar is typed in easily, the skin is distributed perfectly. From the heat of the skin melts and becomes transparent.

The smell is light with a fresh note is a fairly typical scent for a remedies for feet. Smell nice and unobtrusive.

Use it on heels and shins after a shower, that is on slightly wet skin. On the feet is absorbed quickly for 3-5 minutes. For chubby and nutritional means, it’s pretty fast. I have very dry heels, and they any cream or oil are eaten almost immediately. So to please them is difficult. Hydration and nutrition from this oil I generally enough, especially if you use the oil regularly. But back to back, so to speak.

In the legs also absorbs long — just over half an hour. They hydration and nutrition are completely missing. Such a long duration soak is undoubtedly troublesome, but I’m willing to put up with them because of the effect. Recently began to notice the dryness that is in the legs (the skin of the body I do not dry). So this means with this dry I really helps, unlike a variety of other means (and that I not only tried to spread on her legs!) The skin becomes soft, nourished and hydrated — just super!

So for normal and very dry skin recommend. For very dry may be weak (although perhaps I pick).

Soapmakers once again I was not disappointed, although the purchase of this particular oil I will not repeat.

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Term use: a can of oil

Volume: 75 ml.

Rating: 5-

Price: 220 rubles.

Avon Foot Care foot Care. A balm against chaps foot night

Balm this tool called tentatively, of course — it is a regular foot cream and the consistency and behavior and effect.

So, the cream is enclosed in a convenient to use a soft tube with a volume of 100 ml. Protective foil membrane is present.

Normal screw cap, it is steady and smooth, a tube well worth it and will not fall. The hole from which the cream is extruded, not too big and not too small — just like it through which is very convenient to squeeze out the desired portion of the cream.

On the creams for the feet rarely specify what exactly is the cream for the feet, lower legs, or all together. Have to guess most what the manufacturer recommends to use this cream. For legs and feet I use different creams, so I would be more comfortable that the manufacturer was more specific. In this case, the manufacturer very clearly explains to us what this cream is, what it is and what to expect from him.

Belita called cream balm, which should help in the fight against cracked feet, soften rough skin and provide antimicrobial action.

The cream is white, standard creamy smooth consistency — a little bit of cream elastic — it holds its shape and does not spread.

Rather sparingly distributed in the skin. Completely absorbed for 2-5 minutes (the rate of absorption depends on the condition of the skin – if the skin is dry, it is absorbed faster). The smell is not very tasty — there are notes of camphor, menthol, pine notes and my cream foundations. All together makes the smell not the most pleasant. Save the situation only what put them on the foot. And your feet are far away from the nose and so the smell is not too strong.

Since I regularly watch heels and lately, they’ve always smooth and soft, to assess the effect of the cream can only on their manicured feet without cracks. The cream well softens and moisturizes the skin of feet. The shins will also soften and moisturize, but there I don’t want to apply because until the cream is absorbed, you can feel the film. On the footsteps of the film I was a little worried, but on the legs it is somehow unpleasant.

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For purity of experiment, the cream was tested on more than rough and dry skin boyfriend (though cracks and no). The whole skin care stop for him is that he occasionally rushing foot pumice stone, creams do not use. From attempts to smear yourself with cream frowns strongly agreed, because he said that I need it for purity of experiment. Now, his skin was a little softer and ovlazhnenie. No stunning effect cream did not have. Much difference between before and after, I didn’t notice.

A good cream, but there are better and the action is better.

The advantages also include the availability of the cream in the sale, low price and ease of use (easy to apply, absorbs quickly, feels as the skin becomes more soft, to look a little more groomed). So I think its a solid four cream deserve.

Term use: a tube of cream

Volume: 100 ml.

Rating: 4

Price: about 100 — 120 RUB.

Freedom. Foot cream softening Effect

Here I will be brief, as the cream composition, price, ease of application and affordability in the sale, very similar to a balm against chaps from Bility. The difference is only in the effect.

Tuba is the same as that of balm — a soft plastic, screw cap dispenser in the form of holes.

The consistency is a little denser, too creamy, but firmer. On swatches I have the remnants of the cream that I got from the already cut tubes:

The effect of creams is also similar, although the Effect I liked. The smell is not very tasty, so use only on the feet (it is for brake and is designed). The cream lives up to its name — Softening with regular use, the feet really become more soft and hydrated. Distributed easily, it is easy to use. He absorbed not just quickly, but instantly! Here it is very different from all the creams that I used. This is especially useful for morning care.

The composition is not the most natural, but the cream is very effective. It really softens and moisturizes the skin. Tactile it becomes very soft and pleasant. Great cheap cream, I’ll buy it in the future.

Term of use: 1 tube of cream

Weight: 80 gr.

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Rating: 5

Price: 60 RUB.

Spring. Cream beauty for the feet “Mint and lemon” tone and ease

Cream in a soft plastic tube, like the previous two instances. Cap is twisted, the hole sealed foil membrane that guarantees us that before we cream nobody opened. As well distributed in the skin is consumed quite economically. The price he’s funny, but the composition is not very natural.

The manufacturer calls it cream-gel — unreasonably, in my view, since view consistency is not gel.

Although the cream is gentle, quickly and easily absorbed — apparently, this phrase (cream-gel) the manufacturer wanted to emphasize the lightness of the cream. The manufacturer tells us the scope of application of the cream stops. In my opinion, it is too easy to stop, at least for evening care. For the morning might come because it is quickly absorbed.

Easy distribution and quick absorption allows me to use it in the morning and for the feet and legs. The cream moisturizes very well, especially for such a light, almost watery consistency. However, more it does nothing. But in the morning, I only slight moisture and need. More nourishing creams and oils I use during evening care.

In addition, the cream moisturizes the skin, there is nothing more to say. I will only add that for dry legs and stop running it, of course, not suitable, too light. Now I have lower leg dry, but nourishing foot care I practice in the evening, so I cream completely satisfied. The fault is not particularly what. Slightly lowered the rating only because the manufacturer has supplied the cream is too colorful and unrealistic promises. This instance is not exactly relieves tired feet, softens and does not provide cooling effect. Just a little moisturizes.

Yet the shortcomings of the cream can include the smell. It smells like lemon and mint, but somehow not very tasty. Not unpleasant, but enjoy this smell will not work. Besides, the smell is quite persistent.

Term of use: 1 month every morning

Volume: 75 ml.

Price: don’t remember exactly, somewhere 50-80 RUB.

Rating: 4-

That’s all for today. I wish you all a beautiful, smooth and pink heels!

Girls, if you also used these creams, what are your impressions?

Thank you all for your attention, my name is Anna, I hope the post was useful:)

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