The suitcase, in which to put all over the face, well, almost everything

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Hello there, I want to show You a suitcase to store cosmetics. Interested?

Yes, I’m another case for storing cosmetics in your defense I want to say that they were for short journeys, and this for a full makeup storage at home. It is possible to use this case for makeup artists, but I’m not sure, I think is too small for a makeup artist?

The case I ordered on a Chinese website, thought I’d get oilcloth for the table, and no β€” normal quality, was surprised. Initially I wanted to buy a suitcase from the evil, but on the website it sfotkatsya only in profile, I am always surprised by such to sell “price in PM” lol.

You sell it or show me? Fundamentally do not buy πŸ™‚

The case was decently Packed, but it’s more depending on the seller. Top lined with cloth, inside the delimiters is not very good, hang out a bit if you do not anchor properly, but I eventually left only two separators β€” one for the whole horizontal and one vertical β€” for small things, so I’m not complaining, but if you put all the spacers (9 pieces), it is likely that when you open it inside is the stuffing…

The suitcase is made soundly, threads do not stick out, not wrinkled, stiff, rigid and holds its shape.

All my life’s possessions. Not much to look at what all I use and nothing I don’t collect.

The first compartment, which I separated with a divider β€” horizontal. I thought the most logical thing for tubes of all sorts. Here I decided to try and keep, primers, varnishes.

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and so scored:

The separator, decided to take a picture closer so you looked at the quality, I didn’t like what he’s done β€” the material is very easily soiled.

Collects all dust and dirt, and not to mention tightly closed cosmetics. But in justification of the suitcase I want to say that now all such material in cosmetic cases.

Small compartment for small things:

and scored:

The biggest compartment for charts:

About 5-6 large charts will be included in this compartment and small on the sides. All of course depends on the size of the palettes. At the bottom lies Venus XL, then Bar Blush from Benefit β€” in General a lot of places. To put it, that if the case was 2 cm above the…

That’s not all the chips. Cover has lining and secret pockets πŸ™‚

The first section in the lid for brushes. If you have a lot of brushes this is certainly not an option, but I just β€” that’s all I have.

For convenience and to not dirty the top can be covered with oilcloth Velcro:

There is another pocket on the right, but I don’t keep anything, to be honest, I got so jam-Packed cover to maximum.

In the next section can be accessed by undoing all the zipper on the cover, here again, the Department for something thin and long, maybe for some kind of cosmetic tools. I can’t keep.

The other side pocket with mesh below the lid is still closed here I recommend to put something flat. Store here colony mostly.

And one more side pocket is directly in the lid, so you better not sit on the suitcase πŸ™‚ Here again it is best to put flat items.

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The kit also provided a strap to carry a suitcase on one shoulder or as a backpack.

Here’s how it all looks assembled. You probably noticed that in the suitcase there lipsticks, as stated in the title β€” will fit almost all! My goal for 2019 year not to buy dekorativku while the suitcase is not lose weight πŸ™‚ In fact, if I didn’t have so many primers and tonalnikov β€” lipstick would fit here, but alas… there’s work to do. I plan to use the suitcase for all my cosmetics and don’t want to grow, I hope it will help and keep me under control. There is no place β€” do not buy. It’s very simple!

In order to collect the suitcase I had to throw a lot of things, especially 35 shimmers / highlighters who love to give as a gift or get in the pits, or 105 palette for contouring. All the junk I just weed out by asking yourself a simple question or I’m going to use in the next 5 years. Still too many, about 4 powders, and somewhere for 3 concealer… But this is the way things are, so I left them in the hope to use while I’m not buying anything πŸ™‚

I think that that’s enough space for the average user to put on makeup every day and even on the way out. Great suitcase, very pleased with the quality.


How do you like the case? How to keep your cosmetics at home?

Thank you for your attention, Jolsie.

32$Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°9/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°3 of the month, 1P/danapalooza

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