The system of care for problem skin ( and not only) from Icon skin


A set of “Perfect skin 360°” is intended for oily skin, skin with acne and for getting rid of post acne.
A little about mark Icon skin ICON brand SKIN — professional cosmeceuticals last generation. Professional line of tools for beauticians and means — for home use. Skin care face. Technology and development — France — Japan.

About my skin: combination (oily T-zone, in other parts of the normal), the black dots, but there are enlarged pores solitary and periodic rashes. I can not say that the skin is very problematic…

For my skin the set was quite controversial, came not at all. Start?

The set is a white cosmetic bag. What is very good!

About the package just write: serum and peeling are glass jars, they have no complaints. But the rest of the packaging from regular plastic, not very smooth stickers, well as it is not fit for such a set for decent money. On the other hand all the jars lungs and is not afraid to take on a trip. But still I would prefer better packaging

Enzyme cleansing emulsion cleanser

Used it as a second stage of cleansing the face (after half a year).
Foams well, cleans great too (leather does not squeak, but cleansing 5). Did not notice excessive dryness after washing. It’s just a good and comfortable emulsion, no more and no less

Purifying enzyme powder wash

That’s the thing!
Is a white powder, which is mixed with water (right hand) and wash.
I had this powder and I really liked it, but after using the powder from skin Icon I realized that it is very wrong! It works 100%! Additionally perfectly cleanses the skin, while not drying a drop! I used it 2 times a week (girls with more skin problems can be safely used even in a day)
Just a wonderful powder, I recommend

Cellular ultra activator

Under this terrible name hides the usual tonic Me he is not impressed at all… well, the usual tonic. Not moisturizing, not dry. Just normalizes the skin pH after washing. Can’t say anything good, but too bad can’t see anything.

Magic night serum / Night Miracle Serum

Now that’s a very interesting thing!
Consisting of: mandelic acid, salicylic acid, analogizing, Niacinamide and this is only part of the Goodies Here are just a storehouse of components for problem skin!!!
The packaging is decent, no complaints. Consistency is unclear and malleable.

Works perfectly! While using black dots has not returned ( I use these serums and they just I rid of black spots on 100% and that’s why I conclude: with black dots whey works fine). Inflammation mutes, with the 50% (in my case narrowed only noticeable pores on your nose, but the forehead is still the same as it was ). Traces of post acne, too pale (very noticeably fresh, stagnant pale of course slower).
There Is A But! As without them? My skin does not take this serum as a night treatment, do not accept! If paint is left overnight, the morning is always very suffer from flaking, and they’re small, awful and all over his face. To remove such very difficult. Daily use I did not… the skin is very sensitive and has become faster Zornitsa. This used either a point (here appeared a pimple, on the trail from it), or as a mask for 15 minutes. Then look no
Recommend, but with reservations…

Innovative peeling of 11% / Innovation peeling 11%

To the package too, no complaints. Consistency similar to a serum, but transparent.

The composition is also similar: mandelic acid, salicylic acid, citric acid, D-panthenol, allantoin, Arnica extract. pH of 2.7 (optimal).
Action? And read above about the action of serums! It is almost the same, but the effect is much faster.This is especially noticeable in the fresh spots left over from pimples. Use as a serum: apply on face and wash off after a time. Or put point. I have enough 5 minutes
If you choose between a peel and a serum all choose the peeling. Him less trouble, the effect is better.

Now, I want to mention about safety precautions! And serum and peels require the USE of a CREAM WITH SPF!!! And as it so, mandelic acid does not affect the photosensitivity of the skin (as written in many sources, and I use it myself all year round, but in these products not only she, but a storehouse of acids. And when using the mandelic acid spf is still necessary).

Move on to the matifying fluid

Here I have a huge question… But will start with the description
Fluid? Yes! The consistency is very light, pleasant

Is absorbed well. Matting on a 5+, skin with thick much later than usual. It works actually better than most mattifying creams.
But! I think this thing is completely useless in this set I wrote above that without spf this kit should not be used (unless of course you are not afraid to get spots). Now imagine: in the morning we struck the fluid, and it is spf in the amount of a teaspoon… where’s the frosting? And nowhere, it “eats” spf and mattifying effect fluid disappears Apply after spf? On the face of layer cake and the skin is really hard. I must say that I have tried a lot of options: change the tone, change the spf and nothing changed, alas! Fluid matting of course, but the protection to donate I’m not ready. It is possible of course that in the winter things will be different, but at the moment everything exactly Fair? Now, if it was spf 30, I would have bought the whole batch!
If you don’t wear SPF, fluid suggest

WOW face mask

It’s a clay mask, with a bunch of Goodies in the composition, which also raised questions…
The composition is good: coalin (clay), salicylic acid, zinc oxide, vitamins, and even so my favorite menthol
The mask is very liquid and dries on the face very quickly.

It seems that it is this liquid consistency prevents her to act like this just isn’t the time to work. Effect (narrowing of the pores, cleansing the skin) I noticed only when put it very very thick. But, the consumption was enormous and had her for 4 applications , I would advise to buy this mask in a large 50ml size. and strike hard, then the effect is.

1. 100% can recommend enzyme powder peeling, mask. This will buy full size! Worthwhile things
2. Use only with SPF!!!
3. Set is not self-sufficient. It needs to complement powerful moisturizing!
4. I described this look to your skin and my opinion is not the last resort

The price of the set: 3850р.

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