The third wave cash reform: what benefits can obtain beauty from the use of smart terminals


Today we are witnessing the digitization of business, which involves the automation of all processes of business activities. One of the most important reforms that meet the challenges of digital transformation, was the so-called “cash for reform”, according to which all entrepreneurs until July 1, 2019 must switch to electronic cash control equipment that allows you to send payments in on online.

Today we are witnessing the digitization of business, which involves the automation of all processes of business activities. One of the most important reforms that meet the challenges of digital transformation, was the so-called “cash for reform”, according to which all entrepreneurs until July 1, 2019 must switch to electronic cash control equipment that allows you to send payments in on online.

The third wave of “cash for reform” will be completed in three months, and it directly relates to the beauty industry – beauty salons, hairdressing salons, nail studios, barbershop, spas, etc-Installation of smart terminals – universal touch online box office, which in addition to the basic function for transmitting data to FNS have access to different cloud services, will allow organizations working in the field of beauty, at the same time become transparent and start to earn more.

An indispensable business tool for beauty salons

The key task of the new equipment, of course, is in interaction with FTS, however, the value of the smart terminal is not only an opportunity to sell goods and services, but also additional options for solving a huge range of business problems. For example, using a smart terminal on which cash register combined with a tablet to document in a convenient applications to introduce loyalty programs for customers and incentive programs for staff, maintain and expand client database on a digital platform to interact with clients remotely, to track the operations in the personal account of owner of cash register equipment. Thus, the smart terminal is becoming a driver of enterprise development in the beauty industry, allowing the owner to earn more by automating many processes.

Salon business – that is an area where the use of smart terminal gives the owner virtually limitless opportunities for the development of both primary and additional activities. Some of them, especially the big chains, in addition to providing services, hair stylists, have your own online store or Academy. The modern market of beauty services is quite heterogeneous: the beauty of wide profile, specialized institutions, and network of the company, and a mini-salons companies in addition to the sale of cosmetics and perfumes provision of cosmetic services. The study shows the dynamics of discoveries and plans of the barbershop, monostori and other enterprises providing services in the field of beauty, held in 2018 RBC in the near future, the fight for customers will intensify. In this situation, you need to work on expanding customer base and increasing customer loyalty. Consider a few possibilities which smart terminals to open salon business.

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1. Paying customers prefer online entry

Online registration implemented in many areas of services and demand due to the possibility to enroll in the salon 24/7 from anywhere. In addition, online entry eliminates errors and overlays, which can lead to customer churn. In conditions of tough competition, any mistakes could seriously affect your business. While in the salon business online entry not massively common, but it is gaining popularity among the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, according to a study by RBC. Among respondents from Moscow from the desktop are recorded in the salon of 4.9%, through messengers and 3.2%, through mobile apps and 1.3%. In Saint-Petersburg using Internet sites recorded a 3.5%, through messengers and 2.9%, mobile applications used for recording only 1.2% of clients of the salons. Moreover, the more paying customers, the more they prefer to enroll online. Despite the low figures for the care of visitors of beauty salons in the digital positive. Smart terminals Motor, for example, allow to implement and use without having to purchase special equipment online record. It is enough to select in the app store for a solution. As usual cash is transformed into a multitasking tool of doing salon business.

2. Discount and cashback for customers of shops and studios

Consumers prefer to visit one of the selected salon, and not to go in a different. The highest rate of visitors choosing each time a different salon, was 25.3% of respondents with an income of up to 40 thousand. This is the least loyal audience. They go to different places in order to find the most reasonable prices. To form an attachment of the audience to the cabin allows all kinds of loyalty programs. Even better, the salon will be able to offer each group of customers their conditions based on their behavior – for some important discounts for other loyalty program with ample opportunities for third flexible pricing if you are ordering multiple services. These tools can be integrated with smart online-office and connecting the necessary applications that allow you to implement a system of payment points, discounts, and the application for registration of the services with cashback. These nice bonuses will attract those who are looking for the best deals of beauty salons, as well as increase the frequency of purchase and, accordingly, the income of the salon. For a huge variety of salons and Barber shops “near home” it can be a real incentive for development.

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3. Unobtrusive interaction with customers

The owners of beauty salons already are well aware that for successful development it is necessary to interact constantly with clients from SMS messaging to provide feedback. This process can also be automated using a smart terminal. In the app store Avatar example, you can choose options that will allow you to configure unobtrusive notification record to the master or the time changes, but also to provide customers with the ability to remotely leave a review about the salon. Often clients just don’t pay attention to book reviews of the salon, and administrators are not always offered to use it. It is also unlikely that after visiting the salon, the client will visit the site and leave positive feedback there. But it is easy to share experiences with your smartphone, if you have to offer to assess the quality of services or even to send a comment to instant messengers, apps, or via SMS messages. Reviews play an important role in the salon business, especially it has a great importance for visitors aged 18 to 34 years.

4. To find your way in the “virtual fitting room”

While the technology of augmented and virtual reality popular among the Internet shops of clothes and shoes. But there are all prerequisites to ensure that AR and VR in the years to come, and salon business. However, there are already working solutions that the consumers of salons are really happy. For example, using a special application, customers of salons you can choose your hairstyle or makeup, to compare different images or create your own. Surprisingly, all of this and more really do with a smart terminal functionality which today goes far beyond conventional cash registers. Ever-growing ecosystem of application store Motor allows for virtually any projects for your salon business.

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5. The control of the staff and analysis of the demand for services

In addition to the options for working with clients can be connected a special application, with which the entrepreneur can assess the effectiveness of each of the salons your network (if several) online. We are talking about applications such as accounting personnel, accounting of work time teller, motivation of staff etc. you Can also track which services are better sold in salons, located in different parts of the city, and depending on demand to plan a reduction or increase of staff that provide these services. Obviously, this allows to optimize the performance of each area with a customer-specific way and make it more profitable. If previously the entrepreneurs spent on analysis of the demand a lot of time and used complex formulas in Excel or special programs, whereas today with modern smart terminals all data can be obtained in a few minutes. Moreover, the smart terminal can be integrated with document management systems such as 1C.

One smart terminal on many tasks

When choosing equipment to the beauty industry should be guided by the amount of tasks that a cashier will be able to solve. Modern smart terminal is not only a device to accept payments and submit data to the tax, but also a tool of knowledge and business development that helps to increase revenue, motivate staff, retain current customers and attract new ones.

CNews Analytics in their study, published in April 2019, found that increasingly popular among small business gaining smart terminals. The undisputed leader in the category of “smart” online-Kass has been named the company Motor, smart terminals which are equipped with access to cloud services, enable entrepreneurs to solve many tasks in addition to cash service.

These “smart” online cash easy to manage, because they resemble from the point of view of the use of smartphones and tablets, which all have long been accustomed to. A nice add — user’s personal account and a private marketplace with a growing number of special applications, most of which reduce the cost of accounting and analysis of large volumes of data, which is important for small businesses, where not always they have the money and time.

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