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All women want to be beautiful, but aging cannot be stopped. However, there are simple secrets that will help you to look younger than their years.

First of all, you should eliminate excess weight if you have it. Extra pounds add age and even a young girl can look much older. In the struggle to figure perfectly to find a favorite sport, because classes help to keep the body in shape, lift your mood and improve your health, but it is also important components of your appearance.

To look fresh, choose clothes in light colors. For this purpose, suitable pastel colors, and some colors, such as blue and turquoise are especially well-suited to the task. Hair color is also not prevent to freshen up – make it a couple shades lighter. The makeup also should prefer sudovye tone, leaving hands and a bright lipstick for an evening only option.

Psychologists claim that women who feel younger than their age, looks better than peers. So you should always stay young at heart – experiment, try new things, don’t be afraid to change your life. By the way, studies show that people who do not lose their curiosity and activity with age, live longer.

In any case, we should not forget about caring for themselves. Lack of hydration and poor diet will only add to your years. Therefore, make sure that the body receives all the necessary substances and do not forget about the care of face and body.

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