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Full name: Foundation makeup eyes Eyeshadow Primer Photofocus E8511 only a matter of prime, Wet n Wild

The background, which can be ignored

As the owner of oily skin and drooping of the eyelid (although a couple of experienced makeup artists smiled sweetly and said that I have the eyelid still not hanging) I quite early was faced with the request of the shadows to get rolled up in the crease or even to run away from me closer to the lunch break, if not sooner.

Dusting of the eyelids, of course, not really saved the situation, and somewhere in 2011 I decided to get a primer. The first was the Stay don’t stray from benefit. I appreciated the title, being a big fan of English, but the effect of the funds could not be assessed: the durability of eye makeup if were extended, then somewhere in an hour, and I just felt sorry for the money spent.

Next in line was the MAC. By the way, the shade from MAC, which gave me a sister-Muscovite in 2010 (then in our provincial town N haven’t had their corporate store), was almost the only one which would take centuries, almost all day, so I immediately took a liking and loyalty to the brand. When the first MAC store opened in our town, my first purchase was the primer in a flat tin with a screw top (can’t remember the name, remember only that there were several, and they differed in color and I picked white as the neutral. Do I need to explain my anger, when the effect of MAC ovskogo primer was similar to the Benefit primer. Then I realized that all is not gold that MAC.

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And then came the moment of truth: I got the Shadow insurance primer from Too faced, sent directly from the USA. And that’s when I learned that the shadows can stay on the eyelids before make-up remover, just like magic! I lived and did not know sorrow, until the primer, like all good things, ended. Of the brand in Russia then was not, and ordered online I didn’t like: for one base strange, but to blindly choose other products, it was scary. Then came to the aid have appeared brand and Urban decay Primer potion original.

UD initially pleased, but then I began to notice that the primer does not forgive mistakes: should skip the plot, or, conversely, to apply the surplus, it will be immediately noticeable. The product is deceptively supple texture and no color as such, so evenly it doesn’t always work. Moreover, if the excess primer is still possible to disguise it by adding more shadows, the baldness, which is formed at the place where primer is not impossible to cover absolutely nothing. Especially I suffered the inner corners of the eyes.

When UD was coming to an end, I got the base from Catrice, which is a pleasure, but the effect was slightly better than without a primer. Well, at least money is not sorry.

Then there was the Primer potion anti-age, which was not as demanding application as original, but the makeup is not kept as long.

I don’t remember exactly at what point I found out about the base from Artdeco, but I didn’t buy, because I do not like the format of the cans where you need to climb with your fingers/spatula.

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The last on the way to the hero of the post became again the primer from UD Sin. Generous in November 2017 I got it with 20% discount, and in the winter, like it was bearable, but then the use of primer began to resemble “Russian roulette”: the shadows holding up fine, the bad, and I couldn’t figure out any pattern. Very sad that this misunderstanding is only use this product with a volume of as much as 15 ml.

Meanwhile in Russia came the brand Too faced, and realizing that UD in something Yes lose, I decided it was time to get the old Shadow insurance. But after reading the good reviews about the hero of the post in your favorite online store, thought you can try, and 300 rubles to pay for the primer does not mind.

In fact, the product

The primer is equipped with a convenient spout:

At first it seemed that the hole is too wide, but a light pressure is obtained from the portion on both eyelids



Most likely, on the run, smudge the primer over the eyelids not worth it, but I’ve never danced with a tambourine when it is used: primer a little lighter century, so you can see how the layer is applied, and it does not harden immediately, giving time to distribute it. Warm up on the fingertips no longer suitable consistency.

Along with the NYX eye shadow Bad seed, pigmentation in which, to put it mildly, not so hot:

Skin of hands dry, but it 3хнедельного stay in the region with not very good water. But it is clear that the product is not for dry skin

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For clarity, we show the difference in the pigmentation of the eye shadow on the eyelids:

Please do not consider as make-up, red shadows applied directly to the base hammered movements

Impact on the vitality of the shadows

For me demonstrated above, the ability to make shadows brighter was rather nice bonus, the main requirement to the primer ensuring durability of the makeup. So, if the hero of the post and loses Too faced, slightly: 10-12 hours in the heat. And when the shadows start to slide, in the center of the crease, so it quietly with open eyes. In General, I am very happy!

Summary: cheap and cheerful, great packaging, application without problems, enhances brightness, perfectly prolongs the life. The only negative — is unlikely to appeal to owners of dry skin, but I think in such cases the question of the “concrete base” is not so acute.

Price: 290 roubles

Rating: 5

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