The trends of the season autumn-winter 2018/2019

Most fashion houses already presented their collections of the season autumn-winter 2018/2019. How, in their opinion, should look like a stylish girl to attract the eye of passers-by and admiration how to combine colors and textures, how to look stylish and expensive. These are the questions we try to answer in this article.

For starters, let’s define the range of colors, textures and styles, because these positions in the first place create a fashionable image, that they define the future picture.

Most fashion houses have chosen this season with bright rich colors, the combination of light and massive textures and simple boxy fit, which seems very simple visually.

One of the most extravagant and daring remains to be Maison Margiela. His extraordinary combination of shapes, different texture fabrics, bold images and, to some extent, alien models always excite the mind. His images can’t be used in real life entirely, but to add interesting textural thing everyday the picture is even possible. Looking at his fit, unwittingly inspired by the geometry of the image, clearness of lines and unexpected asymmetry.

Unexpectedly bold images presented beloved Valentino. Classic soft and light in the next season is inextricably linked with the bright colors and airiness of form. Bright fuchsia, mysterious Indigo – accent colours of the collection. As always brand conquers incredible femininity and elegance. And, of course, it is impossible not to pay attention to the makeup of the models: wide bright the arrows at the tone of the images, of course, create a new autumn trend.

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Fendi has always been quality fur items. Their fur accents perfectly complement the image, making it more feminine and innocent. In the season autumn – winter 2018/2019 Fendi also offer us bright shades and bold combinations thereof. However, gentle powdery dresses occupy a separate niche in their collections and always diluted fashion, regardless of seasonal trends. And all those broad lines, only in the classic version, complete the look of the models.

Dolce & Gabbana conquer by its grandeur and scope. The brand does not skimp on ideas and nomizu. The presence in a single collection, elegant but updated classic, and images of teenager makes Dolce & Gabbana clothing as universal as possible, because every girl, woman and even the lady will find a way to taste. The brand conquers the combination of fabrics, unimaginable variety of colors and prints, extraordinary accessories and quality. Collection of Dolce & Gabbana, definitely deserve special attention

The undisputed creators of the classics: Chanel, Armani Privé and Christian Dior. If you are a lover of tranquil palette and strong clean lines, then, when constructing the wardrobe for the upcoming season, should pay attention to these brands.

Grey iconic shades of Chanel not leave indifferent not a woman of fashion. In every girl’s wardrobe should be things for business meetings, office or any other requiring strict elegance of the situation. Chanel, knowing, in this sense, introduced in the next season, laconic, restrained, but at the same time, contemporary images that will never go out of fashion. Bold decisions still slip in the collection, embodied in dresses unusual cut or color lining. The models makeup is a light Smokey, sometimes with the addition of color accent.

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Armani Privé – the embodiment of elegance. Only a lady will be able to adequately carry the image built by the brand, so that their basic concept was not lost and survived among the variety of such ideas. Perhaps, more elegant and more feminine pant suits from Armani Privé to find none of the brand. They are definitely feeling the female line, so subtly convey and embody them with their images. Central colors: white, black, champagne. Fit of their clothing will always be relevant, the idea is unique. But the collection also contains the more daring, inspired by the bright colors of the images. Colored fur, bright mesh, some fine powder – perfect for special events where you need to Shine. All the images on the models complemented by light smoky in pinkish-peach tones and a neutral lip shade

The Central shades in the collection Christian Dior steel beige Nude, dark blue, and black. Despite the fact that the upcoming season – a season of bad weather and cold, the brand has presented a variety of dresses from fluid moving tissue. Silk, tulle, jacquard – dominant texture. Classic, restrained silhouettes, tenderness and femininity, the elegance of the shapes and natural hues of the guidelines for this collection. Models a minimum of makeup. Natural beauty in combination with natural shades of the fabrics match perfectly and bring the look together.

And, of course, I couldn’t ignore my belovedElie Saab. All of his dresses – little treasures that I want to get it at any price. In the new season Elie Saab presented a variety of color palettes from soft powder, to the fatal red. Any girl in his collection will be able to find your perfect dress, whether it is delicate and light silk dress or a dress with a graphic element. For versatility and unique style I have immense respect for this designer. Makeup models – soft feathered Smokey and neutral lips.

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Fashion trend is an inspiring ideas for new shapes and silhouettes, a landmark in the vast ocean of concepts and options. In order to look stylish and modern do not have to blindly follow runway looks to copy mindlessly to try on. Proceed from his individuality, his personal preferences and views on the fashion world and the trends of the coming season may inspire you to create something special.


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