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Every season in the trend there are new types of eyebrows – from strings to “peryshkov” and the colorful “waves”. Let’s see what is really in trend and what you should look for when going to the master brovista.

Now the trend is still natural. Therefore, the surest solution is to turn to trusted provista and explain what result you would like to see in the end.

If your eyebrows are wide and thick enough – just buy a colorless gel to fix the eyebrows (now in stores there are a wide range of such means – from colorless to tints that stain the hair).

If you are the owner of thin eyebrows, you first need to extend them with a pencil or shadows, and then fix the gel the result.

Hollywood eyebrows.

For several years, this form remains the most popular. Still, it gives the face expression, emphasizes the beauty of the eyes, and the sight becomes even more attractive.

Smooth eyebrows.

This shape makes the face is very feminine and visually rejuvenates. Such eyebrows are perfectly suited for girls older than 30 years.

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