The truth about teeth whitening: from modern methods to the old good “Zuma”

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Experts say, no matter how carefully we brush his teeth, over time they formed a bacterial film, which darkens over time than a natural process. Abuse of coffee, tea, products with food dyes, Smoking exacerbate the situation. SPLETNIK.RU talked to experts and found out what dental procedures will help you gain a white smile.

Molecular bleaching

Explains dentist Dmitry Smirnov, in fact, it is a deep polishing: it is to remove the bacterial film from teeth whereby the enamel surface is cleaned. This procedure is performed under the regular hygiene of the oral cavity.

Bleaching occurs at the molecular level, so we can bleach only the “real” teeth, that is veneers and porcelain crowns, this technique will not work. The main contraindication — dental caries, because after the procedure it can escalate. Surprisingly, but the “neglect” case (more yellow than the natural shade), the best teeth are susceptible to bleaching. But gray, blue or pinkish — almost not amenable to bleaching.

Bleaching is done using a special gel based on hydrogen peroxide. Then apply the gel with amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), fluoride and trace elements. They are designed to reduce sensitivity and return the teeth to glow. The final stage — home care. Judging by the reviews online, the effect of the procedure lasts for several years, and if you do not drink coffee and red wine, to enjoy a Hollywood smile can three years.

Chemical bleaching

The basis of all types whitening is the hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes part of the drugs include amorphous calcium phosphate fluoride or potassium nitrate for the treatment of small lesions of the enamel and make your teeth brightness and glossy Shine after the procedure. In some cases, whitening gel may contain special ingredients that have a calming effect on teeth and gums.

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Activate the gel that whitens teeth is by mixing two components. For individual patient made mouth guards (if we are talking about professional chemical bleaching), or the tray can be generic (at home whitening).

The patient wears the tray with the addition of the activated gel with a high content of hydrogen peroxide (40% solution of hydrogen peroxide concentration is higher than in other systems). Professional chemical office bleaching involves whitening even the inner surface of a particular tooth. So it happens that all the teeth are bright and one dark, for example, from the inside. Such bleaching gives the effect of bleaching 5-10 shades, — explains Dmitry Smirnov.

Chemical bleaching allows you to maintain teeth white in two to five years, provided of course that you don’t abuse of strong tea, cigarettes, wine (don’t use products with strong coloring pigment: red berries and beets, for example). After bleaching often make the treatment of fluorination or remineralization to reduce the risk of sensitivity and restore enamel.

Ultrasonic whitening

This procedure in fact is teeth whitening is a professional ultrasonic cleaning, one of the bonuses of which is a slight lightening of the enamel. With the help of ultrasonic apparatus removed soft plaque and hard stones, and then the tooth is polished and covered with varnish.

Laser whitening

Laser whitening — this is aesthetic, light whitening. It happens hot and cold, depending on what wavelength is the procedure. The teeth gel is applied and activated with light.

Laser whitening is fundamentally different from other species and is considered to be the most gentle. The radiation flux of the laser is very powerful and his influence is less than that of light. While laser whitening has an average degree of efficiency. It is indicated for those patients who need to whiten some specific area on the tooth locally. For example, physiologically canines in humans are a darker shade. To whiten, and suitable laser whitening.

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On all about all will take 30 to 40 minutes. This procedure is also suitable for patients with high sensitivity to temperature stimuli. But remember that two weeks after the first visit to the dentist for a lighter shade you may need a repeat procedure.

Air Fiow is the same obrazivnaya system that is used for professional hygiene. Sandblasted (it clears with a blast of air under pressure with the abrasive, simultaneously feeding water) from the surface of the tooth eliminates the bacterial film.

Such devices are in every dental office, the only difference in the manufacturers of this equipment. There are Chinese, the cost of which amounts to literally two or three thousand roubles. And there is the system, which are whole complexes with different dispersibility of powders and pressure. The cost of the unit Air Fiow latest generation of about one million rubles, — said the expert.


Today there are four generations Zoom, but now there are two versions — Zoom-3 Zoom-4. It is believed that this is the most powerful whitening system. Zoom-3 is a light bleaching, which uses “hot” light. When exposed to UV rays from the gel releases active oxygen that interacts with the pigments of the enamel. It is effective but has side effects: during the procedure, tissue overheating, which can lead to thermal injury of the tooth.

Zoom-4 — state of the art technology that uses a “cold light”. It allows you to whiten your enamel on 18 tones, but without the risk of injury and overheating. The effect lasts for up to three years.

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It is worth to note that if you have a high degree of sensitivity of the teeth, then bleaching may be contraindicated. Therefore, consultation with a qualified dentist is mandatory.
There are certain areas on the teeth prone to bacterial film, they are in the duct of the salivary glands that bathe the mouth. Therefore, most people have a harder plaque is formed on the inner surface of lower front teeth, because that is where the duct of the sublingual salivary gland. Or plaque is formed in the region of large teeth in the upper jaw, because there is duct buccal salivary glands. Accordingly, if we regularly support high quality of professional care and support additional dental procedures the teeth providing a high surface smoothness, then the RAID will be less intense

— the expert explains.

Dentist warns that those who are trying to solve the problem on their own, unable thus to harm yourself. Whitening toothpastes in their composition contain Abrasiv — derived soda. On the tube even indicate the index of dispersion. If this index is above three, then paste visokoobrazovna. This abrasiva part of the plaque is removed, but remains in its place a rougher surface to which it is attached faster new bacterial film, but here’s the catch — she’ll stay even longer. Cleaning these pastes gives you a quick but nedolgoe the result, which eventually leads to worsening of the problem.

Therefore, the best way is a visit to the dentist, which will offer the patient any type of whitening, the benefit them today there are a lot.

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