The Unilever brand is PETA certified


Owned by Unilever brand personal care products Suave is the last line in the conglomerate, received a certificate from PETA. This document confirms that the products of this brand are not tested on animals.

American brand of Suave, founded in 1937, is very popular – it is estimated that every 14 seconds in the world sold one product of this brand. Its range includes products for hair and body, men’s skin care and baby products.

As soon as consumers are increasingly interested in products that are not tested on animals, Unilever increased the number of brands endorsed by PETA, in its portfolio. In particular, over the last 18 months Dove, Simple, St. Ives, Love Beauty, Planet, Love Home and Planet has been added to the list of certified brands PETA “Beauty Without Bunnies”.

“Our consumers care about animals and we, too, – said Berenguer Lubinger, senior brand Director Suave. That is why we are proud to have received the certificate of PETA and continue to offer products of high quality.”

Famous logo PETA – rabbit image will be placed on the package Suave to foster partnerships and to inform customers about what Suave does not involve testing its products on animals anywhere in the world. The Anglo-Dutch multinational Corporation, one of the five companies along with Colgate and brand sexual health Good Clean Love, will be included in the list of PETA “Working for Regulatory Change”. It includes those producers who use animal testing only in those cases when the law requires it. In addition, these companies are working on methods to check products, excluding the raising of animals, PETA, and provide the results of their tests.

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A representative for Unilever said: “We do not test our products on animals and commit to end this practice. Our company respects the bans on testing cosmetics for animals in the EU since 2004 and supports calls for the introduction of similar bans throughout the world. Sometimes in our portfolio some of the ingredients we use must be checked by the suppliers for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements in some markets; governments are testing certain products on animals, on the basis of domestic policy.”

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