The use of ascorbic acid in cosmetics

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Probably every woman at least once in your life heard that ascorbic acid is often used in cosmetics.

Rich in vitamins, the skin ready to better receive nutrients from cosmetic products such as creams and lotions. In addition, ascorbic acid is useful before popular procedure of exfoliation. We invite you to consult the recommendations of experts.

The facial skin will be grateful for the use of masks with ascorbic acid, vegetables and fruits. This combination copes with pigment spots and wrinkles.

The easiest way to use ascorbic acid – simple wiping person cotton pad soaked in a liquid vitamin.

If you don’t want to trigger skin rashes and allergic reactions, do not use vitamin C combined with glucose. In addition, ascorbic acid cannot be used if your skin is injured.

Cosmetics can cause the skin around the eyes.

The effect will be most pronounced, if you combine ascorbic acid with tocopherol or retinol. Important point – the ingredients can’t mix in a metal bowl – vitamin C can be destroyed. In addition, ascorbic acid cannot be stored in the refrigerator. And cause the cream only in the evening.

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