The Victoria’s Secret model was criticized for the fact that she made fun of fans of fast food

Kelly Gale

23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale closely following your diet and sticking to a strict diet. The other day a girl made fun of fans of fast food and was at the center of the scandal. In his Instagram, the model posted a video where she does sports in the eyes of the visitors of a fast food restaurant In-N-Out in California.

In the video Gail jumping rope at the glass doors of the institutions in tight leggings and a short top.

Not going to pretend guys like I was eating there, she said in the caption to the video, which, incidentally, was removed after a couple of hours.

The story ended with that the star received the package with vegetables as a reward for all the training. As expected, the video caused a negative reaction in the network. Many have criticized the model for what she was doing fitness right in front of the entrance to the restaurant.

Strange event, you wanted to laugh at the lovers of burgers and fries? It wasn’t great.

Why do you make others feel embarrassed?

Were you trying to arouse guilt among visitors? Everyone has the right to eat what he wants

— condemned her Internet users.

However, there were also those who in the review supported the girl, saying that she thereby draws attention to a healthy lifestyle. If in the past models were criticized for the fact that they posed with burgers and pizza (although actually in their diet these products are not), but now netizens once again found something to complain about. Oh, an example of Vlad Topalov does not teach people…

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