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Hello, lovely girl.

In today’s post we will try to expand through the products of the brand IsaDora. I have to say that this brand is me not understood, I overestimate, or Vice versa. In General all the products I liked, despite the fact that they’re all really different from design and color to texture and durability.

Lipstick — IsaDora Lip Desire Sculpting Lipstick — Rum Raisin 68 and contour lip pencil — IsaDora Sculpting Lipliner Waterproof — 68 Rum Raisin.

It is a striking tandem. It would be safe not all girls. Amateur stand out will certainly appreciate it. Can’t say that the lipsticks for me, there are some colors that I wouldn’t be able to wear but this color is very binding and it can not go unnoticed. I believe he even requires a reason to walk.

The pencil is encased in glossy black plastic with silver lettering. The mechanism of a tight spot. Cover repeats the color of the product itself, closes very securely, it is possible to carry in your purse, to improve the contour of the lips. Everything looks neat and concise. The formula of the pencil is creamy, soft, the stylus easily glides on the lips. The product is really resistant as stated on the package, holds up the winning, nowhere running and West to fold, easy to drive with a micellar water with difficulty, leaving behind a small Stein. I do not advise much pressure on the rod during use. Also, be sure to stretch lips in a smile, to gently paint the outline. Has no fragrance. Quantity: 0.3 g, given a formula will end quickly. The possibility of its use as a standalone product are excluded. Then he mercilessly plesivec and refuses to meet in a smooth velvet layer.Shade — a dark plum, very rich, with clear notes of violet, contain shiny particles.

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The lipstick is matte plastic case with silver inscriptions on the end has a get out mechanism, duplicating the color of the actual product. Inside a glossy stick with a neat slanting cut. Color — all the same ripe plum with a small amount of shimmer. The formula is balsam, glossy, very soft, melts on the lips, glides smoothly and gives a rich pigment of the first layer. Superimposed without problems. Feel on the lips. This is definitely a very unstable product, will remain on everything you touch lips. Quickly coming off the junction of the lips without gestures, constantly requires updates and you can forgive her only for the beautiful color. This lipstick also cannot be used independently due to its relentless instability. Without the pencil, or the foundations will flow into the folds and look untidy. Perfume is missing. Weight: 3.3 gr. Consumed quickly, I had a feeling that one painting took almost half of the stick. Easily removed with a dry wipe or micellar water. Does not dry the lips, but on the contrary slightly, imbue them.


Together these products work great. The pencil holds the circuit, not allowing the lipstick to seep into the folds and migrate. I do not advise completely to paint the lips with the pencil and then cover with lipstick, the whole package starts to roll in 15 minutes. In its original form, the circuit will stay to the bitter end, and the junction of the lip is reserved for a maximum of 1.5 hours and will need to correct.

Country of origin: Sweden.

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Term of use: about 3 weeks;

Price: lipstick — 700₽; pencil is about 400 a long way;

Rating: lipstick: 3; pencil: 4.

Liquid matte lipstick IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick — 04 Rose Rocky.

The lipstick is in a bottle of transparent glossy plastic. Embossed lettering quality, not erased. Black matte cover closed until it clicks. Marked on top of shade.

Sponge teardrop shape, fluffy, soft, moderately elastic. It is quite convenient to draw the contour of the lips. The limiter is good, gives a product for exactly one light layer.

The packaging says that the scent is missing, but I feel a clear powdery notes, very light and unobtrusive. After applying felt.

The product has a liquid texture like a soufflé, spreads easily on lips, gives good pigment of the first layer. Recorded about a minute, never runs away, not numb, not imprinted. The result is matte, velvety finish. Very comfortable to wear, does not dry lips, but the existing peeling and other flaws like any matte lipstick will accentuate. Durability is excellent: in its original form about 6-7 hours after eating needs to be corrected.

The tint is very warm, immaculately summer, color pink roses mixed with peach notes, in a bottle clearly visible shimmer (on my lips it’s not). Quantity: 7 ml.

Country of origin: Sweden.

As a result: a great lipstick for every day, will fit in with any color type, very refreshing, would be out of place anywhere, and event, without requiring attention on your part.

Term of use: about 3 weeks;

Price: 700₽;

Rating: 5.

I would be glad of feedback 😉

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You beautiful lipsticks!)

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