Thin hair: haircuts and hairstyles that will add volume

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Thin hair is a problem familiar to many women. Someone hair is naturally thin and lack volume, the other strands lost look due to frequent dyeing, improper care, illness and hormonal changes.

To choose a haircut for thin hair is really difficult, because you need to take into account the features of the face and other factors. Therefore, your main task – to find a worthy master. Fine hair needs a special approach, for example, thinning is not recommended, as without an understanding of all the features it could strip the hair volume.

As for length, that owners of fine hair are recommended for short haircuts and medium length. Unfortunately, the thin ends, the so-called “mouse tails” are quite difficult to hide with styling and skin funds. In addition, long, thin hair is badly confused and can cause a lot of trouble.

So, if you still can’t imagine myself without long hair, you’ll need good care and hairstyles better to do “high” – to collect hair in a bun or ponytail. So the thin ends will not spoil your appearance. Also suitable curls, but remember that daily styling can affect the hair condition.

It is best to choose short haircuts or medium length, the hair visually looked thicker. For fine hair not suitable haircut with different length, it is better to choose easy grading. Often owners of fine hair-Kare without strong elongation and Bob. From cascade and layered haircuts should refuse – they are more suitable for thick hair.

If you don’t want to constantly style your hair, then the best choice will be a short haircut. Here the same rules – it is better to do without layering.

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