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I am not a fan of any gels-mousses-mousses-irons-Hairdryers and are correctly put in the comments to the previous post, go shaggy!)) I like the natural hair dye it with henna 12 years, and are striving to maintain the integrity of the hair. However, in the chest there is always a miniature hairspray (quickly lift the strands from the face) and a bottle of dry shampoo (not had time to wash the head, and he must flee). Silicone leave-in oil live right in the bathroom and used after each wash. Otherwise, the burrs in the head and a broken tooth of a comb, like the beard of Hagrid

Finesse Style&Care Extra Control Fragrance-Free Hairspray

Start with hairspray strong hold without perfume. To my delight, the paint really has no flavors, except those that are inherent to the means. The spray is perfect — it Polish fine, cloud, no strong sticky jets. A large volume of 400 ml, the bottle is very high)) Or I post thumbnails unusual)

Manufacturer: UK, Surrey.

Forgive me, I’m like a caveman, don’t do styling and high — dimensional, slightly sloppy bunch in the heat. Because the lacquer I spray on the roots of the locks framing the face, lifting them up. To me it adds more volume and some confidence.

This volume looks something like this (in person).

Holds my fine strands 5 hours. There is no feeling of sklonnosti and stickiness, you can climb the hair with your fingers and not get stuck.

As someone obsessed with “normal” life of the hair, without concrete means, very like the presence of the UV filter and panthenol. I want to believe that the harm means a minimum or not at all)

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Price: about 300 rubles.

Rating: 5, keeps his promises)

Dry shampoo Finesse Refresh&Style Dry Shampoo

Sinful, it happens. Missed the wash hair, got home late, 12-hour flights, runny nose. On the second day hair stale, especially visible on the temples. For such a case I always have Batiste for brunettes. And everything in it is good, only scratch your head is impossible — the fingertips will remain dark patina) Costs own laziness.

The hero of the post — classic dry shampoo with a barely noticeable scent. A volume of 150 ml, the inside of container ball, when shaken rattles loudly)) As the lacquer is sprayed very thinly, without strong jets, cools the head, and this effect lasts for a few minutes.

I always thought it was normal dry shampoos (which are white and do not darken in the air), I will not do. And noble “gray” horrified)

Routinely fluffed hands, lightly brushed, white plaque as if it was not. Macro can be considered some of the particles, but in General it is not noticeable. You can go to people and even to raise hair. They look quite fresh, voluminous, matte.

Price: 280 RUB.

Evaluation: 5- (no white powder in the end! minus a very loud ball, gather quietly will not work)))

And finally, something without which can not do.

Finesse Smooth&Shine Argan Oil

Leave-in treatment for hair — argan oil containing silicones.

A volume of 50 ml. are Convenient not spitting dispenser, sooo pleasant aroma.

Moderately thick, not water, not running away. Oil only need a drop or 2 is pressed and rubbed on the hair ends, dry or wet.

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Not greasy, does not weigh down, not straightening their hair (if they exist). On the contrary! Instead of a shapeless, Bur generates quite a normal curl.

The photo shows the border applying oil. Twirl — where the oil, above, where a fluffy hair — oil no.

I really detangles with minimal losses. Without silicone netmask — very difficult. As an alternative — a hydrating mask under a warm hood, often there is no time. Because shampoo+oil on the tips=almost daily tandem. Two years I didn’t get a haircut, and no split ends. I believe it daily silicone oils.

Price: 470 RUB.

Rating: 5+++ Excellent oil, with a delicate flavor.

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