Three features of appearance, which give away your age

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From aging it is impossible to escape. With the help of modern tools can significantly reduce the symptoms of age, but it is not always effective and sometimes only leads to a deterioration of the situation. What signs of aging you need to pay attention to they have not issued?

Be sure to take care of the hands. The skin is constantly exposed to traumatic influences, but with care we often neglect, so hands can show your age better than the face.

To keep hands beautiful, you need to work on it constantly. Protect your hands from sunlight and frost, finish the housework only wearing gloves. Don’t forget about the cleansing and moisturizing.

Another part of the body which gives age is the neck and decollete. Although now there are even special means for the care of these areas, but many women still do not pay enough attention, caring only for the face. It’s not right – the neck and cleavage, no less in need of care. By the way, to buy special tools do not necessarily fit the ones you use for your face.

Tighten the oval of the face helps exercise and a light facial massage. Try to monitor the posture and do not forget about proper cleansing and moisturizing of the skin of the neck and décolleté.

With age, the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun, so to neglect protective cream is simply impossible – it can lead to age spots. In addition, solar radiation dries and injures the skin, increasing wrinkles. It is therefore very important to protect your skin properly-chosen tools.

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