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Today a few words about the three copies of the updated line of Insta-Dri brand Sally Hansen.

I ask you to look at.

For the General characteristics.

Cute ergonomic bottle with a streamlined triangular shape.

Cover colour clearly matches the shade of nail Polish. The manufacturer stated that the varnish dry for a minute, in principle, Yes, well, maybe not minutes, but three for sure.

All three instances are very pigmented, the idea is that they can be applied in a single layer and have good glossiness.

Further differences.

They start with the brushes.

The best have a purple hue — it is soft, but elastic, slightly sloping, clearly falls in the semicircle of cuticle, gently revealed. Two strokes is enough to cover the entire nail.

The pink nail Polish brush is already flat, smooth and wide, while it is hard, it plays a role when painting.

The brush in the shade tilova characteristics coincides with purple and pink, but she’s still more — my nails are small and it’s hard for me to paint such a broad brush, let’s say, a little finger can I just paint over the end.

Also there are differences in the consistencies pink with a thick texture.

So Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Va-Va Violet, #443

Chic comrade, perfectly fits into one middle layer. Given its drying in three minutes, “bystrobank” ready ????

The texture is rather krele, texture medium, lacquer nowhere flows, does not floods, self-leveling. Has a rather bright luster, which over time is not overwritten.

The colour is a rich bright purple, the red base, almost neon. The nails look very healthy, beautifying hands.

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One medium layer without top

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pink Blink, #273

I’ve been wanting to find a trouble-free cold shade of pink, and inspired by the previous instance, enthusiastically began to paint. But this instance did not meet expectations.

The texture is creamy, for my taste it is too thick. Basically, to lay it in one layer, depends on the pumped skill. But there are nuances — because of its consistency it is almost leveled, so there may be small nodules.

Brush hard for such a delicate texture — it makes the first layer, the formation of bald spots. Second layer brush scratches already. Plus, in the second layer in some places appeared the bubbles, so I had to cover the top.

The idea is that I was only one nail, the middle, and in the end coated with the second layer.

The color I like is the pink that is on my hands looks good, I like to wear these, especially in the spring when I want to paint and tenderness. Well, to dilute their black outfits)

Brides like it too.

Two layers under the top Revlon 960

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Re-Teal Therapy, #513

Very similar to violet, only a little thinner than that personally suits me, I like consistency. The texture is closer to Crile.

The amount accumulated in the brush of the varnish is better to adjust, or may become numb.

Personally, I put him in one middle layer, the top also did not cover.

The color is nice, deep and cool and this is the shade that changes depending on lighting — the day he’s blue with some greenish colour in the evening in the warm lamps is gaining more green.

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Single layer without top

Removed all just lucky, but Teal can stain the nail plate, it is desirable to base.

Volume: 9 ml

Price: 300 rubles.

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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