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Preparing a post about the pigment Catrice, I couldn’t remember about some other, so decided it was time to show you three of their pigment Ukrainian brand Sinart.

Pigments Sinart Make-Up with passion: as I said, I have three shades β€” Violet Red 48, 62 too Red 81 Violet and Peacock.

Shadows are in a plastic round jars, no protective membrane or sifter is not provided, which in this case was very uncomfortable β€” pigment in the jar is a lot under the cover, and when you open it often, I crumbled. Once I forgot the pigments on the table, he could not leave without attention my daughter πŸ™‚ She was easy enough to open a jar, and…

As you use (and therefore decrease pigment), this situation started to happen less frequently. Well, I would prefer a slightly more practical option.

Package dimensions: height: 14 mm diameter: 28 mm, weight (without tare): 1 gram.

  • The jar is sealed with a small sticker with duplicate labels “sinart,” which, I believe, should indicate the originality of the pigment, and at the same time that it has not been dissected previously.

  • Texture represents the fine dust from the mixture of the pigment and fine shimmer. But, despite the rather pleasant and manageable consistency (that word is appropriate in relation to the bulk product?), pigments Sinart should not be applied on bare skin, because they don’t stick to it, in my opinion, substrate is necessary. Base, tint, cream shade will suit any product, most importantly, sticky.
  • When applying the pigment crumbles, alas, in the area under the eyes it sticks with joy. But like I said, it suffers 48 shade, the other two quite a bit. Of course, if to be careful, the problem can be minimized, but I don’t particularly neat, to be honest, so my examples of the makeup you can see the pigment where he conceived ought not to be.
  • Prefer to apply with a finger or elastic brush hammering. Stretching faces fading and expressionless, however, is not surprising. But tosevite boundaries can be quite.
  • Vitality – on the basis, of course β€” perfect, shades of brightness do not lose.
  • Finish all three of my pigments shining satin, but the Peacock is more pronounced shimmery Shine.
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So, to the shades.

Artificial lightingArtificial lightingFlash

48 Violet Red

Shadows SINART 48 RED VIOLET is one of the most mysterious shades. Microfine pigment for eye makeup deep purple hue of the flowering saffron shimmers of light from purple to pink.

Swatch official website

Neither add nor subtract β€” I would rather tint is not described. However, I expected a little more purple. This shade was the first in my collection were chosen purposefully, but the favorite still did not. And it’s not in the specifications, not at all. Best revealed on a light substrate or in tone.

The 48 Violet Red shade applied wet as a liner, the main shade β€” 81 PeacockShowered pigment

62 Red Violet

Little girls drink cherry juice, grownups drink wine Burgundy, a stylish girl doing makeup with pigments SINART No. 62 rich cherry Burgundy colour!

Swatch official website

Here is my Swatch is quite dispersed with swatches from the site, despite the fact that matched the description. Miracles, and only. Again, I was expecting a more cold tone with a noticeable proportion of the violet, in his own I can’t see it. However, the shade I liked β€” a bright, but not flashy.

The transition color is closer to the outer corner of the eye

81 Peacock

Take a look at the eye shadow pigment SINART -81 – and remember the turquoise waters of the Bay of Biscay. They are United by a clean, rich turquoise and glossy surface.

Swatch official website

Peacock is my favorite shade from the whole Trinity and one of the favorite in my Arsenal. Very beautiful turquoise blue with gold shimmer!

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By the way, differs from swatches on the official website, although the promo video very similar.

Pigment gel eyeliner

Price: now is action, and each pigment can be bought for 360 rubles, the usual price is 462 rubles.

Rating: by pigments 5 packaging β€” 3. I know this is a standard jar, but there are options and comfortably.

I have tried other, more interesting and versatile shades, like a Peacock. What shade of shows did You like?

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