Three products of the brand Glamglow moisturizing cream, two for a cleanser

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Today I want to share my opinion about the three products of the brand Glamglow: two cleansers and a new moisturizer gel.
These funds came to me here in this here set

The first product is a cleanser for face GlamGlow Supercleanse Cleanser.
A white tube of soft plastic with a screw on silver lid. Quality materials, fasteners are tight, not peel. The spout at a convenient package, the tool uncontrollably not the tool Itself rather more like a clay mask — grey creamy texture and a characteristic odor of clay, really easy. More tool smells like menthol.
The manufacturer says that the tool must be cleaned and narrow pores, but also able to remove makeup. But personally, I wash off cosmetics, not even tried, as I prefer hydrophilic oil.
The use of the product standard — squeeze adequate amount on hands, rasmalai with water and apply on face. After a soft massage in circular motions rinse. Here, however, I personally start minor difficulties — means it sticks around. When razmalyvanie it is not converted into a light white foam and a dense, creamy lather gray. And after washing becomes gray. Even on your face, you can miss small areas of the skin and to remain with gray spots, stain them a towel. But this is minor and generally more my bungling.
With regard to the actions — the tool is well cleanses the skin without drying it refreshing. After him there is no feeling of tightness. About the pores, I say difficult — I have deep and narrow (and always scored), they can do little to influence. Although it seems that the black spots after regular use morning and evening do were less pronounced. In General, the tool left a very good impression.
Assessment: subjective 5 – because of the ability to mess around.
Cost: from 2000 up to 3000 rubles in different stores and with different discounts.

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The second product is a cleanser for face Galacticleanse GlamGlow Hydrating Jelly Balm Cleanser
The black tube of the same plastic as the first product. Only here hinged lid, not a screw. I, by the way, this is more convenient. But it opens a bit tight and you can ignore the nails of habit.
The tool itself has a sticky gel texture, it is black with splashes of shiny particles. Really reminiscent of something cosmic. It smells nice — sweet, the smell reminds me of some chewing gum from my childhood.
The use of rather non-standard for a simple cleanser, more suitable hydrophilic oil — you need to squeeze the product on dry hands, then apply to dry face is good to distribute and only then is water. The gel turns into milk. Dry skin is distributed a little tight the first few seconds, then melts from your body temperature and everything is much easier.
This tool is my love. It is really cool — gently cleanses, leaving a feeling of freshness and moisture. The skin is very soft. Here words do not even describe — you must try it. For me personally, has become a favourite cleanser, I love it.
Rating: 5+
The cost (here the truth the pain begins ): from 3000 to 4000 rubles in different stores and with different discounts.

The third product is the moisturizing face cream Glamglow Waterburst
Heavy glass jar with twist-off plastic lid. Simply and efficiently. Under the cover of the protective membrane.
The cream is very light gel texture, has a blue color and a sweet fresh smell. I want to eat On the face is distributed very easily, but it is important not to overdo it with the amount, otherwise the cream is fully absorbed. At night, of course, can not regret, but in the morning under make-up this will create a problem. Personally to me the number of that photo, enough for half her face. When a small amount of the cream is perfectly absorbed and the makeup does not conflict.
At first I was afraid that the gel will clog the pores, because my skin is prone to this. The first days I even thought that the way it is. But after a break of 3-4 days again I resumed use and now, almost a month flight normal, no problem. I use cream only in the morning, but, as I said, just a little bit. The skin after applying the cream is very comfortable, visually it’s even a little smoothed out as if highlighted. Such an easy decorative effect. Moisture is enough for me, but it must be understood that the yard until the summer, but in winter I would prefer something more serious. Overall, a great option for the warm season, because the cream does not overload the face. Just need to remember about the accuracy with the amount of damage to the cream.
Rating: 5+
Price: from 3300 to 4300 rubles in different stores and with different discounts.

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In General this set I was left with rather positive impressions. One means — delight. The other two — just quality products that will definitely find its fans. The only — me still confused by the prices. I’m not one of those people who believe every ruble spent on cosmetics, but common sense has not been canceled. Even on re-purchase my favourite cleanser I 10 times would think. But then we should remember that we are talking about prices in Russia, and with that, we can only accept

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