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In the rhythm of the big city time on the makeup is less and less, and look nice really want. With the appearance in my purse Tinta eyeshadow Giorgio Armani, the makeup began to leave much less time. Interested? Ask a cat.

I always take the cream shadow with great care. For me, and their application requires a little more time and some may be rolled on a century, I feel some… But this tint has changed my world one hundred percent.

Tint is a transparent bottle with a silver cap, with the emblem of the Armani, and looks like a lip gloss. The applicator is quite comfortable, soft, gaining the ideal amount of makeup for one century. The volume is 6.5 ml.

The lineup includes many shades, but I chose the universal — 8 Flannel. This is a grayish purple shade with a pink shimmer. Very complimentary.

On hand:

To apply this tint is very easy, the makeup can be done even in the Elevator! Using the applicator apply the tint on the eyelid, and then lightly movements of the fingers are distributed by century. On the lid no need to apply any base or concealer because the tint held up fine all day without slipping. Eye makeup always looks perfect! In addition, if you wish, you can do layering for more intense color.

Tint ideal for daytime and evening make-up, it is easy and fast in application, and will never fail their owner. Indeed, very good quality!

Also, it can be used as a substrate under the shade on top of black eyeliner. There are many options, you can experiment with. Consumption is economical. For me this is a real must-have!

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Several layers.

Rating: 5+

Price: approx. 2000 RUB.

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