TNT Global Manufacturing launches reusable cosmetic applicators

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TNT Global Manufacturing offers an innovative product R2AD – removable, reusable cosmetic applicator, which will allow cosmetic brands to provide a new experience to its customers.

R2AD is a patented massage, removable and rotating 360 ° metal ball applicator in combination with a vacuum web. It is designed for applying cosmetics to the face and body in salon, Spa or at home.

“Its a magnetic ball of stainless steel provides unrestricted movement and increased the contact area by 300% compared to conventional roller applicator. Cool, it optimizes the application of cosmetics with the purpose of controlling edema and draining care. When it is warm, it helps to open pores for better absorption. To provide a more soft feeling during application, the roller can be covered with a plastic shell”, – explain representatives of the company-manufacturer.

One click on the vacuum rod is enough to provide an accurate dose without the risk of return air and contamination of the cosmetic product. After using a removable balloon applicator R2AD can be completely cleaned or even sterilized for perfect hygiene.

The concept of filling the applicator is a loyal brands to provide a solution for its customers, as well as the benefits of sustainability. According to a statement from TNT Global Manufacturing, R2AD is especially suitable for deodorants, essential oils, aftershave and face care.

TNT Global Manufacturing, founded and led by Thomas Ditzinger (France) and Toby Cattermole (Hong Kong), develops and produces high quality metals such as Zamak, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic components for perfumery, cosmetics and makeup such as: caps, bottles, decorative blister packs, luxury packaging and components for applicators. The company claims that its turnover totaled 19.5 million U.S. dollars in 2017 and employs only 17 people in Paris, Hong Kong and new York.

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