To be or not to be with the BH palette Be… by Bubz Beauty

There are cosmetic products that the love with which it happens not at once. They need a good taste to get the desired result. Such ambiguous relationship I have with the palette BH Cosmetics Be… by Bubz Beauty 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette.

Brand BH Cosmetics is known for his collaborations with bloggers, and sometimes they make very decent products at a very attractive price. After a successful hit with the charts Carli Bybel and Shaanxo, I took without much doubt – blogger, so good))

Making lovely and cute cardboard palette with refilli pasted on the lid is a mirror. The delicate powdery colors, shining embossed in the form of lace – all cute, girly and well adorns a dressing table.

Soul school in the palette 12, the weight of each – 0,66 g, total weight of shadows 8 gr. As for me – very little, I’m used to more impressive packaging. But, on the other hand, these shadows have a real chance to be used before the end))

The selection of shades is very calm and down to earth. Color scheme features light daytime makeup, gently smoky, translucent tints. Life, wearable and usual tone. Experienced painters palette probably will seem boring.

Texture – a matte, satin and himernye different configurations. Pigmentation is average, depends on the shade. Honestly, after the first zatista, I had a confusion and one question “is that all?”. Maybe I’m a bit spoiled pigmented eyeshadow in the “times pointed brush – painted 2 eyes”, but some of the color stubbornly refused to muster and be transported neither brush nor fingers. After a few looks, I put the palette and remembered it only a few months. Oddly enough, the second time palette like “paint” and it was possible to achieve more acceptable results.

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About durability I will not say, because for almost any makeup, I use substrate. But I dare to assume that with such a weak pigment and slightly chalky texture of the shadows have a chance to “disappear at noon” without good preparation century.

But back to the shades.

Happy –classic white-gold mother-of-pearl, there are many brands and palettes. The pigmentation is average, well Blendable. I attribute this tone to the base, it is good to highlight under the brow and in the inner corner to soften the shading. The most popular of all samples))

Grateful – pale pink satin, well pigmented, Blendable softly. Good for sudovogo makeup and shading.

Genuine , coffee with milk, satin, in life at times softer and more natural than in a palette. Similar to the previous one, but more brown and worse is typed in.

Optmistic – matte light brown with warm undertone. Very natural looks, soft Blendable.

Inspired – matte chocolate, the texture is similar to the previous, but darker. Looks good in the crease and in the outer area. Blendable nice.

Bold – dark brown-grey satin. Is typed and not very well Blendable, goes to a dirty gray. Looks cheap and not attractive.

Charismatic – warm copper bronze shimmer. Nice texture, good pigmentation and soft shading. Although the color is far from unique.

Thoughtful – dark brown satin with a warm undertone. Despite the similarity with the previous loses to him in all respects. A little pigment goes translucent.

Able pink base with Golden shimmer, coarse shimmer. Pretty shade but quite difficult to work with. Looks best if the nail of his finger to the base for glitter. The usual way is not applied, and simply crumbling and dusty.

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Confident – dark purple with a slight satin sheen. The palette seems super-rich, in fact – translucent haze with a hint of violet. Weakly typed, practically does not give color.

Hopeful – white gold, beautiful coarse shimmer. The texture is identical to Able.

Kind – dark purple satin. Well pigmented, very soft Blendable.

Swatch the entire palette, daylight window

And with flash

And of course I will show you what I got in terms of makeup — everything is quite plain and sometimes suknenko

Here played with the substrate and squeezed the maximum.

Palette for me personally turned out to be controversial. On the one hand, selection of wearable shades and attractive design. On the other – weak and pigment texture problem some soul school. Therefore, from the perspective of the inexperienced user — it is a Yes, to bright light Makov will go, but from the perspective of a makeup artist — unfortunately no, the work certainly is not useful. I have one hanging in a homemade bag, mainly use it for shading or quick looks from the “what came under his hand”

Price: discounted $12

Term test: more than a year

Rating: 4-

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