To do 60 seconds. Mascara Cle De Peau Beaute The Mascara – Mascara Integral

Hello! My blind love for the Japanese brand Cle De Peau Beaute has no logical justification. I fanatically buy cosmetics brand, keep up with new products and limited collections, and despite the fact that in the end, like I do, continue to step on the same rake. Today I’ll tell you about a fairly rare thing β€” mascara.

Cle De Peau Beaute The Mascara β€” Mascara Integral

Well, that can be rare in a mascara? The fact that this mascara is not included in the permanent range of makeup brands and often used in seasonal limited edition. It can be purchased as an independent unit in the international trading platforms, but is it for her to chase?

The miniature probe of this mascara I got as a gift with purchase in the eve of Christmas. Pot-bellied cardboard box dark blue, almost black in color and is located lonely in the deepening black plastic hard case most of the carcass. Golden logo parks and the rim around the edge of the cap. Beauty is in the details?

In the permanent range of the brand sold a version with a gold cap β€” Perfect Lash Mascara, the same cap in the color of the base. Panoramica has a volume of 7 ml and the price is $50, miniature β€” 3 ml and free πŸ€— production Country: Japan.

The perfect mascara to create drama on your eyes: adds volume, lifts, lengthens and curls the lashes. Contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. Brightens the look with its ultra black color with a glossy finish. The formula is quickly fixed and live with you the whole day to make-up remover, not showering and not ottachival.

Tube thumbnails easy to hide in his fist

Brush β€” an exact copy of the full version and it is huge, takes up a third of the whole length of a thumbnail. She has a curved shape and numerous bristles arranged in a spiral. At the tip of a small contraction.

Due to the curved shape of inner hairs slightly shorter than outside. I don’t like silicone brushes, prefer the classic spiked with numerous long fibers, they are much easier to paint, but this had to adjust and adapt the brush is so big that it’s hard not nalyapat around the eyes.

The situation is quite solvable, you just need to place fingers on the eyelid, but even in this case, the incidents possible.

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The consistency of the mascara is thick, gel and a rather “chubby”. The color is a deep black, with glossy effect, after drying the leaves in graphite

Just applied, layered with the tip of the brush, see the gloss in the sunBeginning to dry in the shadeDry on my hand

Ingredients: c11-12 isoparaffin ⋆ trimethylsiloxysilicate ⋆ isododecane ⋆ dextrin palmitate ⋆ disteardimonium hectorite ⋆ iron oxides (ci 77499) ⋆ paraffin ⋆ dipentaerythrityl hexahydroxystearate ⋆ sucrose triacetate tetrestearate ⋆ peg-10 dimethicone ⋆ dimethicone ⋆ dextrin palmitate/ethylhexanoate ⋆ butylene glycol ⋆ water (aqua) ⋆ euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax (candelilla cera) ⋆ sucrose tetraisostearate ⋆ peg-20 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate ⋆ trimethylsiloxysilylcarbamoyl pullulan ⋆ microcrystalline wax (cera microcristallina) ⋆ triethoxycaprylylsilane ⋆ argana spinosa kernel oil ⋆ peg/ppg-36/41 dimethyl ether ⋆ sodium magnesium silicate ⋆ glycerin ⋆ fragrance (parfum) ⋆ tocopherol ⋆ sodium acetylated hyaluronate ⋆ bht

Among care ingredients: glycerin, gialuronka, vitamin E (tocopherol), castor and argan oil. Don’t know how important nourishing ingredients in mascara, but the allergies/adverse reaction to the eyes on this mascara I did not have that with continued use lashes not fall out.

The mascara is scented and when you use felt light floral cosmetic fragrance.

The formula is water-resistant. I have a feeling that Asian mascaras aren’t doing differently. At a certain structure of the eye mascara is designed to lengthen, tighten and fix the short and stiff lashes. I have the same eyelashes thin and soft, as of length not complaining, but the tips are light and are “naked” they are just not visible. I love mascara that adds volume and does not stick eyelashes, making them fluffy without the effect of spider legs.

Eyelashes Nude

So brush mascara, as I wrote above, a huge length of almost the whole eye. Only when removed from the tube, the dispenser podnimaet all the excess mascara on the villi there are enough to paint over both eyes, but I prefer the second for more time to collect the ink from a tube. At the tip of the brush remains a clot of mascara, which have to shoot on the edge of the tube, otherwise there is a risk slap all around.

The inner part with shorter fibers easy to apply the mascara over the entire length, progresiv eyelashes and twisting and turning the brush, long comb and “spread” them a fan. I liked that the brush grabs most lashes don’t need a hundred times to change the position of the brush and to paint over the tips, all done in a few motions and only need to “finish painting” the internal and external area. But, unfortunately, furry Ristic does not work β€” ink them a little glue and the thickness of the brush put mascara eyelid.

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There are liftah for such cases is to wait until the mascara has completely dried on the skin and then just to scrape clean the brush under mascara or eyebrow, but then this trick is not working. Mascara dries in less than a minute and eats into the skin, so if you coat each lash accidentally struck on the lid, remove immediately, otherwise it will be too late. Not once it happened that I had to repaint the eyes.

In addition, because of the rapid drying, comb through with the brush glued lashes is almost impossible. Attempt layering is also questionable β€” the brush is rolled on already dry lashes, making spider legs. So I paint only in a single layer then get a soft natural eyelashes without a plastic effect.

The first minute felt a little mascara, eyelids a little heavy, then you get used to the touch lashes stay soft. By the way, paint over the lower lashes the outside of the brush is very convenient.

Then I separately curled eyelashes Celeron and see how twirled and lifted them brush. Length was added, but single eyelashes-twigs β€” not the effect I wanted.

Ink colors, without lumps, but after hardening, if you start them with something to share, I hope no one pokes myself in the eye with needles?, the ink may begin to crumble. If you do not touch, and Osipchuk will not.

And here is the “bloopers” in all their glory. Missed the time when it was still possible to erase it and that’s what happened.

Me one afraid of such views?

This mascara lasts all day and comes to delacerna the finish line in pristine condition. Not showered, not printed and not smear, even if rubbing eyes. Keeps eyelashes in a predetermined position. Rain, snow and favorite series can withstand with dignity. Eye during the day she is not tired and not blush.

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Remove only special tools for removing makeup with oils in the composition. The ink is so loving that easy to get rid of it will not work.

In the end, if I’m in a hurry and I need to quickly put make-up eyes mascara, I did not choose. Like to paint easily and hardens quickly, but the risk nalyapat mascara around the eyes stops. And I don’t like how the eyelashes stick together, or maybe I just haven’t found a way to approach her. I think thicker lashes this mascara will enjoy more.

And it’s shelf life β€” 24 months and during this time it does not dry out in the tube does not deteriorate or change properties. I not often used it, and exactly 2 years mascara has served faithfully, and only after the shelf life has changed the scent. For those who follow the hygiene and change mascara every 3 months, such a period may seem terrible. I also have to change mascara only due to the fact that they dry up in the tube, yet no one failed to finish before the end of this will stay with you for a long time.

Unfortunately, to show a comparison with the ink from the permanent sale of the brand can not, but it seemed to me that limitka more rich and oily, gives the eyes a more pronounced effect. Anyone had one, or both, will be able to write in the comments the differences?

β€” if the adjustment brush, paint over the lashes can be a couple of strokes
β€” lengthens, curls eyelashes
β€” water-resistant
β€” resistance no change to the make-up remover
β€” great shelf life, stays fresh, stable properties
β€” a pleasant fragrance
not showered, not printed and not smeared
β€” hipoalergenicos
β€” limitka
β€” the high price
β€” ease of brush in question
β€” calls attention to a painting
β€” difficult to remove blemishes
β€” glues eyelashes
β€” forget about overlaying
make β€” up remover special tools

My subjective rating: 7 out of 10, I did not have the claimed amount. Who needs lengthening and Curling eyelashes, fit for all day at a predetermined position, and a water-resistant formula β€” you will get it.

How do you think about whether this mascara your money?

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