To live with problem skin and rosacea. Part 1 – problem skin

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. Is a huge knowledge base, which can be explored endlessly. Very much I learned from here, however when you read a lot and randomly, some of the information is forgotten or distorted.

Several years passed before I was able to find a fully working approach to their skin. And in the process of my search that is generalizing posts gave me more material for study and reflection.

Honestly, I think only one post, but the information was too much..

Under the cut is a logical system for the care of skin problems, based on acquired knowledge and self-knowledge. With reasons and examples.

The first thing to do is to build a scheme care, is to know yourself, without this, further steps will be chaotic poking a blind kitten. The process of self-discovery is very exciting, and I don’t know whether to write about this? In my opinion, it’s pretty clear.

So, you found out that your skin problem. Or with rosacea. Or you are lucky same as me and you both)). Do not despair, we can live with it!

Troubled skin

For bad skin I know the skin with acne, rosacea, comedones and/or acne, or are prone to them.

Usually such skin is oily or combination type, however, it happens that suffer such phenomena and dry skin.

My skin for a long time (approximately from 13 to 25 years old) was attacked by acne, and in middle or closer to the severe form, the last 3 years I have achieved a significant improvement in skin condition, and now I have something to say.

At the moment my skin is oily, still problematic, exacerbated rosacea, and I’m 28 years old.

I worked out for myself a few important rules:

1) Thorough cleansing;

I do makeup every day, and two-step cleansing for me is the unbreakable rule, even if I’m really tired and want to sleep :).

Stage I

Micellar I’m not a big fan; in my experience, nothing dissolves makeup (and sunscreen) as hydrophilic means make-up remover.

Arguments in favor of the hydrophilic means a few:

  • in decorative cosmetics, there are many components that are not soluble in water;
  • no need to RUB the skin;
  • a pleasant sensation in the process;
  • you can do massage in the process make-up remover.
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Phase II

To wash away the remnants of the hydrophilic means, and even better to clean the pores, I use a facial wash.

An example of two agents which are suitable for two-step purification (my post about them):

Missha Near Skin PH Balancing Cleansing Oil

Missha Near Skin PH Balancing Cleansing Foam

Additional purification

Troubled skin, especially one that is actively treated, is updated much faster than healthy, which leads to its roughness. Coarse particles of skin do not allow the pores to breathe and properly cleaned, it leads to clogged pores by sebum and their subsequent inflammation.

In order to prevent this, you need time to exfoliate the Horny layer of the skin.

I use this for peeling the bedroll and/or enzyme powder about 2 times a week (alternate).

It is believed that to exfoliate thick skin, you can also use the scrub.

However, look closely at the skin: it is inflammation, it is irritated, aggressive mechanical impact even more traumatic for her, and she has still actively updated. In addition, there is the risk of spreading bacteria around the face.

Skadi and enzyme powder in this case give good results at a much more gentle impact.

Also at this stage it is possible to use acidic cleansers.

Example enzyme powder (wrote a post):

Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

Finally, I will use the funds to clean pores. This is especially true for those who have they are deep (like me).

So far, from available funds, in my opinion, there’s nothing more effective mask of cosmetic clay. Even more effective is often a mud treatment mask, but the list of contraindications is too large, I do not venture to use them.

Usually, I use these masks as needed (about 1 time a week), prefer to try different masks based on their composition. A purifying mask I try to use after exfoliation or even the next day, while the pores are open.

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For example, the well-known mask, ELIZAVECCA Carbonated Bubbled Clay Mask has a very good structure and high efficiency.

ELIZAVECCA Carbonated Bubbled Clay Mask

I used to have 2 such banks. Here it is very good post.

2) Use a cleanser with a neutral or slightly acidic PH;

This is also an extremely important rule that my problem skin works 100%.

It has long been clarified by the dermatologists that the bacteria that cause acne, multiply several times smaller, being in the range of PH 4.5 to 6.5. It means having a PH in this range, we balance our skin to the required level, thereby reducing the activity of bacteria.

This, of course, will not cure us of acne, but will help to fight the disease more efficiently.

In addition, such funds washing, much less irritate and dry the skin, which also promotes more rapid recovery.

In the example, again, can result in foam Missha Near Skin PH Balancing Cleansing Foam.

3) Rejection of traditional towels

This fundamental principle of care for problem skin, I learned it on the..

It really works very well and I am very grateful to the author, which found out about it.

It’s simple: instead of regular towels after each wash use paper towel.

This rule reduces the amount of bacteria coming into skin by the fibers of the towel.

4) the Obligatory visit to the dermatologist;

This paragraph I write with the caveat that an adult needs to be critical of any information (this is my opinion), the same applies to the specialist.

Much of what I at one time recommended by dermatologists, my skin didn’t fit. Because every skin is individual and recommendations are very average, it’s understandable why.

For example, if I use the tool on the basis of alcohol, I will not take the recommendation, because to me this will only get worse.

Anyway, the technician should determine the cause of the disease and assign comprehensive treatment.

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Knowing yourself well enough, it is important these recommendations to practice wisely.

5) Regular visits to a cosmetologist;

Initially, when my skin was bad, I did ULTRASONIC cleaning at the beautician once a month 1 now as needed (try at least once in 3 months).

Although I was skeptical at first to the cleaning of problematic skin, the result really is, and it improves the skin condition in the long term. Here the main thing — to find a good specialist who will listen to you and know their business.

Over time, the beautician can offer a course of peels or other procedures to facilitate the subsequent recovery of the skin.

6) the Use of acids.

The. already much has been written about acids as a means to combat skin problems.

I tried them recently and regret not having done it earlier.

The most important for me the effect of the acids is reducing the oily skin and getting rid of post-acne.

It is important to choose the medium and the concentration of acids, which will work on your skin, the advice can not give, because she was faced with the fact that the classical recommendations for me were off.

For example, for oily skin traditionally used salicylic acid, but to me it didn’t really fit, other means were more effective.

Recently I wrote about 2 good acid peel, which for me (read here).

To bring a summary to the first part of my story, give a photo different periods of the life of my skin.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have no photos from when my skin was in the most deplorable condition, but still some evolution can be seen in this collage:

Left: 3 years ago, 2 years ago and now


Yes, my skin will never be perfect like some people, but for me this is a huge result.

All who have mastered, thank you, the next part will tell you what I know about rosacea and how to care for skin prone to them.

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