To pollute means to make-up can be influenced by labelling


The study of pollution of tools used for make-up shows the need for more clear labelling and guidelines for use.

In a recently published study in the journal of applied Microbiology, scientists from the British University of Aston studied the microbial content used makeup, including lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and applicators. The results showed that 70-90% of all products were contaminated with bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Citrobacter freundii (Citrobacter freundii).

Enterobacteria and fungi were also found in all types of products and is particularly present in the applicators. According to the researchers, the high level of contamination found in the cosmetics, points to the need to better inform consumers on the use and care of these products.

“The results revealed various levels of all the microorganisms used in the products, indicating pollution caused by the consumer during product use”, – stated in the article. The researchers noted that there were “significant levels of microbial contamination and presence of pathogens”, which posed a potential health risk, in particular, infection during the application around the mouth or eyes.

“Character and high level of contamination in used cosmetic products to indicate the need for awareness-raising and education, – confident researchers. – Manufacturers should ensure that the date of expiry of the shelf life of the product displayed in a conspicuous place, and consumers could identify the symbols used on the packaging of the product.”

The study’s lead author and lecturer in biomedical science at Aston University Dr. Amrin al-Bashir said that the results will not be a surprise for the industry, but should invoke some response. The study, according to Bashir, has revealed a clear need for the industry to improve communication regarding the use and care products for makeup after purchase. Manufacturers, he said, should “improve recommendations for product use, especially in relation to hand hygiene” and make “more clearly marked during the lifetime of the product.”

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While the cosmetic industry has adopted strict measures to ensure that makeup was developed in a secure manner, Bashir noted that the inclusion of preservatives provides a “degree of protection from contamination of multi-purpose products.” The most important step that you need to do now, he said, is to focus on “improving compliance with the requirements of consumers in terms of product use.

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