To stop the rapid aging of the skin in winter will help the cream

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Scientists have explained why the aging process is accelerated in winter. But slow it down by using simple tools. This was stated by the experts.

American dermatologist Ted lane explains that frost and dryness in winter leads to the fact that the skin becomes too sensitive, thin and dry. All this leads to increased aging of the skin. In addition, the doctor said, a bad joke played with our face and holidays. It is the stress before the holiday causes excessive production of the hormone cortisol. Namely, this protein triggers a spike in blood sugar, these surpluses are a bad influence on collagen which supports our skin in good shape.

Dermatologist advised to use with hyaluronic acid. And sunscreen SPF 30.

– These means it is necessary to use not only in summer, as is commonly believed, but also in winter. I would advise to choose creams with a high content of moisturizing ingredients, says Ted lane.

In addition to the unattractive appearance winter skin aging has another negative side – the dermis becomes thinner and therefore more vulnerable.

Dr. Jerome Garden advises to wash the face no more than twice a day. And scrubs to use less often. As for the hands, in the winter it is especially important to use gloves when contact with detergents.

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