To the last drop! Clinique Moisture Surge

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Hello! After more than four months of testing I’m finally ready to write this post.

Even in the summer on my cosmetic shelf this product is Clinique Moisture Surge, a gel to hydrate skin for 72 hours. Actually, my first acquaintance with this gel happened a little earlier, but the first small jar went to the mother????

So, Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hours is a very light with a slight pink tint gel. Which is smartly distributed to the skin and absorbed into the skin immediately. I know that the beauty of Clinique is not for everyone. Someone in love with every product I tried, and someone realizes that he is not suited to their skin line.

Because I tried so many products care line of Clinique can’t say what camp I am. But this gel I liked so I used it until the very end.

Some information, given to us by the manufacturer. On the official website of the brand are the main “chips” of the gel Moisture Surge:

  • Hydration for 72 hours
  • Leather retains moisture even after washing
  • Eliminates peeling
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Suitable as a base under makeup
  • About the texture and color of the gel I already told you, let’s go over some items on my behalf????

  • Really moisturizes the skin. I have combined type and gel suitable for dry skin and for combination. Can only say that this product is perfect for a warm time of year. And when the street was cold, I used other products, more dense and nourishing texture.
  • On this point, I can’t say anything specific. I always after washing, even the most careful, use toner, serum and cream. If your skin is dry, this item is unlikely you will experience to the full. I this effect is not felt.
  • If you have serious skin lesions peeling, this cream is unlikely to help. And if you have just a little local flaking, this gel can give the skin a velvety texture and remove the peeling.
  • The gel really absorbs quickly. Although, sometimes, the impression that remained on the skin small film. But I never understood why this effect is there, it is not. I guess it depends on the amount of applied gel and skin condition.
  • This item it is 100% true. None of my Foundation/CC/bb creams are not rolled and do not slip with Moisture Surge.
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    In addition to these points, this gel can even be used as a tool for cuticles and hair. With caffeine and aloe Vera juice, this product can work on even the moisture in these areas. But I learned that too late, so she did not try????

    To summarize, I can say that it is a good gel, which is suitable for those who have no skin problems. For those who are just looking for a decent hydration. And, cool that this gel comes in three volumes: 30ml, 50ml and volume for professional use, which is available only on the Internet — 125ml.

    Next summer, I will most likely buy myself another jar. But most likely one that is 30 ml in volume.

    Juice testing: 4 months.

    Price: varies depending on volume, starts with a 1600 and ends over 4200 professional volume.

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