Tom Ford “Holiday 2018-2019 Eye Quads” #25 Pretty Baby Eyeshadow Quad

Eye shadow

A beautiful palette under the cut

Long hesitated to purchase any of these popular palettes, but a great post miamiolga about palette #03 Cocoa Mirage literally forced me to buy one. Initially, I wanted Cocoa Mirage, but it so happened that the first was the palette #25 Pretty Baby. I have read Allitera, but would consider, because I thought that this palette was created for blondes, and I… no))) In General, I’m not going to bore you with details why she still turned to me, looking!


The packaging is standard for the decorative line of the brand. All high quality, worthy of, in hands to hold pleasantly. In cardboard box with embossed palette is enclosed in a case “downy”.

Suede case

What a beautiful gloss:)

The shades in the palette are very beautiful, with a pink “hint”. Regarding the temperature of the samples I doubt. In my warm appearance it’s warm, and in the case rather neutral. In a palette is represented by 3 satin colors and one “brand tomporowski” glitter.

Satin sectors are characterized by rather restrained radiance, without the effect of “tearful eye”. All the shades are soft, pliable, apply and shade without problems. Do not crumble, do not fade and dust. Durability-up to make-up remover. Glitter didn’t disappoint, perfectly applied, layered, and shines-shines!

Go through shadesstarting with the lightest:

1️⃣Sandy shade with a pink glow and very fine Golden shimmer. Satin.

2️⃣Lilac satin with a silver shimmer. Very suitable green eyes:)

3️⃣Glitter. Luxuriously-rich pink-blue shimmer on a cool pink base. Florid description, but it is! Glitter is transferred the whole, not just individual sequins. I use it as an accent.

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4️⃣Chocolate satin with a gold shimmer. Also with a barely noticeable pink shade. The most friable of all, the brush is applied with the efforts better with a sponge.

White daylight natural light

The sun

Macro in the sun

Sponges in the kit is quite decent, quality. I even put down their brush because the sponge is really convenient.


Watch Swatch. Hand applied with your finger.

Swatch in daylight and in the sun

Palette “in the case.” Intense makeover with the use of chocolate and sand shades from the palette:

Intense makeup. The light of day.

The complete image. Daylight.

Too bright makeup with the same shades. The ciliary margin darkened to a chocolate shade with a pointed sponge from the palette.

Intense makeup without hands

Intense eye makeup. Daylight.

Lilac tint+sand:

Makeup for green eyes.

And here is all the shades+the glitter. Especially brightly it is revealed in the electric light:

Artificial lighting.

Accent glitter in the daylight:


And below is my everyday “office” makeup. Sand shade all over the eyelid, the outer corner darkened chocolate.

+ glitter to the previous makeup. Sparkle again, you will agree:)

+little glitter to the previous photo

And the full image with the latest makeup:

Natural daylight

In spite of the sometimes difficult relationship with immediately began Tom Ford, I’m more than satisfied. Highest quality, starting from packing and ending with the sponges. Going to cons in this palette not found!

Volume:9 g.

Price: 88 $

Rating: 5!

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